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Antony Zegers of Bitcoin Unlimited: Let’s Focus on the Technology of BTC Again

Antony Zegers of Bitcoin Unlimited: Let’s Focus on the Technology of BTC Again

“We just want to build money and technologies that will enable all kinds of cool stuff in the future.” That’s the plan for Antony Zegers, the Bitcoin Unlimited developer who was instrumental in founding the Satoshi’s Vision conference. The event actually started two years ago as a forum for presenting alternate visions for Bitcoin. But that was before the hard fork…

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Antony Zegers on Why Bitcoin Needs a Forum Where Different Visions Are Discussed

Despite being a “partisan” event within the setting of Bitcoin’s holy war over scaling and protocols, most of the presentations at Satoshi’s Vision didn’t waste much time attacking those who opposed them. There were digs here and there for sure, but it was clear most participants wanted to put the fights behind them and talk about the technology again.

It felt like an “old school” Bitcoin conference, in a way. That’s either a good thing or (if you’re Mike Hearn) a bad one, but maybe that’s just something Bitcoin needs to experience again. If we want to have an impact we still need to work on the technology, and build it out, Zegers said.

“We really believe in this vision where, if it works out, the best case scenario is a civilization-changing technology that can really have a huge impact on the world … It just seems that, right now, Bitcoin Cash is the avenue that seems to have the most focus on that goal.”

What’s Satoshi’s Vision All About?

Satoshis Vision Background

The March 2018 Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Tokyo is the third of its kind — but the first to take place since the hard fork that separated Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Previous events were the single-day Satoshi’s Vision San Francisco in September 2016 and the two-day Future of Bitcoin event in Arnhem, Netherlands in June 2017.

Presented by Bitcoin Unlimited, these conferences focus on technical and academic research into making Bitcoin a scalable and spendable currency that offers a viable alternative to today’s fiat currencies in daily life. It’s not just “buying a coffee with crypto” — it looks to a future where money itself has intelligence, and is used by humans and machines to create a new kind of economy that’s still being conceived.

Did you see any of the presentations from Satoshi’s Vision? What did you think? Lets hear your thoughts in the comments.

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