Thursday, October 21, 2021

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Dominate the Blockchain

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Dominate the Blockchain

The cryptocurrency community recently has focused on Bitcoin and IOTA’s massive bull run. However Industry insiders have begun to take notice how artificial intelligence can leverage blockchain technology to create decentralized, low cost A.I. platforms at scale.

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Creating these marketplaces allows not only any type of data to be collected and monetized, but permits any company, organization or developer to buy and sell artificial intelligence instantly all across the world.

The Future of Intelligence

In technology and business circles, the talk is that the blockchain has potential to transform many industries from cross-border payments to supply chain. And despite the potential, no solution may be as exciting and impactful as the solutions that aim to bring artificial intelligence at an affordable price in a marketplace that allows for easy discovery.

artificial intelligence Not only will these A.I. solutions help connect humans and promote good, many technical experts around the world may see dollar signs in their eyes.

Per industry reports, the A.I. market is rapidly expanding with estimates that the market will increase from $200 billion USD today to $3.1 trillion by 2025. And with many companies looking to leverage a global solution, the race is on to promote artificial intelligence in a transparent and trustful manner.

Companies such as Singularitynet, Synapse.AI, and Deepbrainchain are not only building onto the blockchain to create artificial intelligence as a service in the distance future but relying on the power of the blockchain to conduct initial token offerings who can provide funding to power their platforms.

Artificial Intelligence Services for All

In what looks to be the perfect combination of technical buzzwords for your average investor, ICOs for companies looking to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning have exploded in popularity.

For example, Singularitynet has received over $150 million in pledge orders from nearly 10,000 registrants and in order to meet demand has extended its token sale to the second half of December.

While designing and implementing a blockchain based artificial intelligence marketplace may sound highly improbable, these are a few companies on the shortlist of providers who are looking to revolutionize data ownership and the impact artificial intelligence has on the world.

The real question is the world ready for A.I. that can be harnessed across the world in a cheap, easy-to-use manner.

Do you believe governments will allow A.I. to be bought and sold by third parties without implementing harsh regulation? Let us know what you think.

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