Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Automata Podcast: Making ICOs More Accessible and Secure With TokenSoft’s Mason Borda

Automata Podcast: Making ICOs More Accessible and Secure With TokenSoft’s Mason Borda

“We err on the side of doing things the right way,” says TokenSoft CEO Mason Borda of his firm’s services. TokenSoft operates as a white-label platform for operating token sales, but with a focus on fund security and adherence to regulations, in an effort to make the technique more attractive to all investors.

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Mason Borda: ICOs Will Become More Accessible to All

Last summer we saw startups trying to create utility tokens to avoid regulatory attention, but this year we’re seeing more firms interested in tokens that comply with Regulation D (Reg D) and Regulation S (Reg S) — laws aimed at making life easier for smaller companies trying to raise capital from the masses.

Borda told Automata that, despite the industry “maturing” and becoming more compliance-friendly, ICO-focused paradigm shift in the investment world is still moving towards accessibility to all investors. Some have suggested more compliance will end up shutting out amateurs and small investors, turning ICOs into something resembling initial public offerings (IPOs) of shares — and defeating the purpose of using blockchain tokens. That’s not the case though, Borda said.

How? Listen to the whole episode to find out more. Also hear why more tech firms are asking about Stellar, and what sort of clients Borda and TokenSoft would actually turn away.

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