Monday, October 18, 2021

Exclusive Interview w/ Juan Garavaglia: Bitcoin Cash Has Successfully Tested 1GB Blocks

Exclusive Interview w/ Juan Garavaglia: Bitcoin Cash Has Successfully Tested 1GB Blocks

In an exclusive interview held in Miami, Florida after The North American Bitcoin Conference, Bitsonline had the opportunity to speak with Juan Garavaglia, Founder and CEO of Bitprim, one of the key technologies underlying Bitcoin Cash. During the session, Garavaglia caught us up on the developments which have taken place in Bitcoin Cash since the last time we met up with him in Arnhem, The Netherlands for The Future of Bitcoin conference in July 2017.

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Juan Garavaglia: The Road to Mass Adoption for Bitcoin Cash

The last time Bitsonline met with Juan Garavaglia, it was July 2017 in Arnhem for The Future of Bitcoin conference.

At the time, Garavaglia presented the vision for Bitprim at the conference, and how it is a platform for developers to help them build Bitcoin-based applications. In his detailed presentation, Juan introduced the Bitprim team and described how Bitprim makes Bitcoin accessible to more developers. By lowering the barriers to entry for developing for Bitcoin, Bitprim helps grow the number of developers that can build real-world applications on Bitcoin and help it gain mass adoption. We interviewed Juan as he described his vision for Bitprim and the need to scale Bitcoin.

Since that conversation we had in July 2017, a lot has happened in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. As we saw on August 1st, Bitcoin Cash forked off of Bitcoin, offering 8 MB blocks and in the process, the promise of faster confirmation times and lower transaction fees. Under the hood for the Bitcoin Cash fork that took place, Bitprim is one of the key technologies that helped enable that fork to occur, and the Bitprim team is actively involved along with a global decentralized team of developers in the future development and progress of Bitcoin Cash as it continues to push the boundaries of scalability and mass general adoption.

With recent announcements of Coinbase listing Bitcoin Cash, and popular digital wallet service Blockchain enabling full Bitcoin Cash support, as well as new technology announcements including new address types for Bitcoin Cash, Bitprim and its developers have been working on and executing on the vision that Juan described a year ago at The Future of Bitcoin.

During this exclusive interview, George Levy discusses the work that has been accomplished by Bitcoin Cash so far, as well as the forward looking plans for the cryptocurrency.

What do you think about the possibility of having 1GB blocks on Bitcoin Cash? Are infinitely bigger blocks the answer to scalability issues?

Images & video via George Levy, Bitsonline

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