Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Bitcoin Core Version 0.14.2 Released, Please Upgrade

Bitcoin Core Version 0.14.2 Released, Please Upgrade

Bitcoin Core has released version 0.14.2 of the original full-node bitcoin wallet. All users are advised to upgrade, but apart from a small group of users there are no urgent security issues.

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The release is a minor new version, covering “various bugfixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations”.

The release statement said one known bug concerns the smart transaction fee slider — the approximate fee Bitcoin-Qt displays when using coin control and smart fee estimation “does not reflect any change in target from the smart fee slider” and presents only an approximate fee.

However the correct fee is still applied to the transaction and displays in the final send confirmation dialog.

There’s an anti-DoS update that should affect users who have explicitly enabled UPnP (universal plug and play) via the GUI settings or -upnp option. This option has been disabled by default since v0.10.3.

Other changes are relatively minor and the complete changelog is posted here.

Bitcoin Core main screen
Bitcoin Core wallet overview (not from latest version)

Bitcoin Core, formerly known as the “Satoshi Wallet” or (in its GUI incarnation) “Bitcoin-Qt” runs on most well-known operating systems, including all Linux distros, MacOS 10.8 and above, and Windows Vista and later. It may also run on other Unix-like OSes but is only extensively tested on the official platforms.

Developers specifically warned users not to run Bitcoin Core on Windows XP. Since Microsoft ended support for XP in April 2014, there have been known instabilities and other issues. It is technically possible to run Bitcoin Core on Windows XP but “do so at your own risk”.

As with all upgrades, users should carefully back up their systems and wallets before proceeding.

Bitcoin Core’s Role in the Future

It will be interesting to see where Bitcoin Core goes from here. Though still not yet on version 1.0, it faces external competitors who have stated desires to remove the influence Core and its developers have over the Bitcoin protocol.

Alternatives in various forms have popped up in recent years that attempted to gain a majority share of users and miners. They included Bitcoin XT, Bitcoin Classic and most recently, Bitcoin Unlimited — the latter still actively trying to win users. So far, however, none has come close to threatening Core’s dominance.

Whether or not that status quo will remain is uncertain. With SegWit2x and the contingency UAHF banging on the door, users may have to make a decision sooner rather than later.

Do you run Bitcoin Core? What improvements would you like to see? Let us know.

Images: Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin logo

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