Monday, October 25, 2021

BitPay Adds Bitcoin Cash to Its Insight Block Explorer

BitPay Adds Bitcoin Cash to Its Insight Block Explorer

Services continue to add support for Bitcoin Cash, citing user demand. Today BitPay added BCC/BCH to its blockchain explorer Insight, after adding the forked currency to its Copay wallet last week.

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Insight for Bitcoin Cash has all the same features as the Bitcoin version. Users can search transaction details by block number (block height), transaction ID or address. Like other block explorers it includes confirmation details, miner fees and other block statistics.

Last week, BitPay also added Bitcoin Cash support to its Copay wallet. As well as allowing users to separate their pre-1st August 2017 coin balances, it has included several new measures to prevent accidentally sending BCC/BCH to a BTC address, and vice versa. As Bitsonline reported a few days ago, this is a widespread problem that has seen even experienced Bitcoin users lose money.

Bitpay Insight block explorer
BitPay Insight block explorer for Bitcoin Cash

BitPay is using the BCH symbol for Bitcoin Cash. Several Chinese services still prefer the original BCC moniker. The new currency took a tumble along with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies today, falling back to $420 USD at press time.

BitPay’s Recent Software Controversies

BitPay, which launched in May 2011, is one of the largest and best-known bitcoin payment processors for merchants. The company claims it was processing 200,000 bitcoin transactions a month as of December 2016.

The new Bitcoin Cash move will likely create more controversy for the company.

Last month, it caused drama by announcing it would switch to the “BTC1” Bitcoin protocol software — a SegWit2x-friendly rival to Bitcoin Core. Despite an outcry from Bitcoin purists, the company said it would always support the longest Bitcoin blockchain.

Both the Insight block explorer and Copay wallet for Bitcoin Cash are in beta. Both are open source. Other Bitcoin Cash block explorers include Blockchair (watch that final “r”) and Blocktrail.

Do you use Bitcoin Cash? What do you think of BitPay’s move? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Images via BitPay, Pixabay

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