Tuesday, October 26, 2021

More US Business Schools Introduce Blockchain Technology Courses

More US Business Schools Introduce Blockchain Technology Courses

The core software of the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is forming the basis of courses in more U.S. business schools. With overall interest soaring along with industry demand for skills, many students are lining up to learn about it.

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Demand Is Increasing

More graduates wish to acquire practical knowledge in the field, due to a rise in demand for blockchain-related jobs. It’s not just programming skills — the industry needs people in other related fields like finance and regulation that also understand the issues.

From January, the Haas School of Business will provide its first course in blockchain software at the University of California at Berkeley.

To look for future prospects, Haas will select 60 students from different departments, and divide them into groups of six.

Haas school lecturer Greg LaBlanc said: “When people think about blockchain they think about cryptocurrencies … We believe it will have the biggest impact on contracting, logistics and supply chains, healthcare, public administration, assets clearing, property, transactions.”

Blockchain – A Technology the Future Can’t Ignore

financial accounting educationIn recent times, “blockchain technology” itself has received fewer negative comments than the more controversial Bitcoin. The traditional finance industry has certainly been friendlier towards it. Applications of the technology appear endless, from recording financial transactions to healthcare, supply chain management and product quality control.

With that sort of buzz, this technology can’t be left out of a modern curriculum.

Stephen Daffron, a founder of private equity firm Motive Partners, said: “Anyone who is coming into the financial industry is expected to have some skills in (blockchain) technology.”

Daffron, also a lecturer at Yale School of Management added: “If they don’t understand how to evaluate a company that tries to employ blockchain, then they won’t probably be a good fit for us.”

Bitcoin and Blockchain Spreading Through Educational Institutions

Educational institutions are starting to realize blockchain and digital currency technology will drive the future economy. However it’s not just a new fad.

The University of Nicosia in Cyprus blazed a trail as early as April 2014, when Bitcoin was still considered edgy. It launched a formal science Masters Degree in Digital Currency, along with a free six-week “MOOC” (massive open online course) for newcomers to the field. UNiC’s homepage claims over 11,000 students have signed up.

Other major universities around the world are offering blockchain-related subjects, if not whole degrees. They include big names like Stanford, Duke, NYU, and Princeton.

Would you study a course on digital currency or blockchain technology? What sort of topics should they cover? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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