Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Blocksafe Smart Gun Network Donates to Las Vegas Victims

Blocksafe Smart Gun Network Donates to Las Vegas Victims

Blockchain smart gun technology developers Blocksafe are donating 100,000 of their “Triggers” tokens to a fund for victims of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas.

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Six Figure Dollar Donation

Justifire CEO Jason Christopher Palazzolo
Justifire CEO Jason Palazzolo

Blocksafe management attended the CoinAgenda Global Conference in Las Vegas, which ran from October 24-26th 2017. With them were partners and Foundation members Justifire and TriggerSmart, makers of smart gun hardware.

The team has been in communication with the Las Vegas Victims Fund to find the best way to transfer, store or exchange the tokens.

While donating blockchain tokens might sound trivial on the surface, triggers (TRIG) have serious value — they were over $1 USD each at one point this week, before slipping to $0.88. Triggers hit a value peak of $2.21 in September.

How Blocksafe and Smart Gun Technology Works

Blocksafe’s Kevin Barnes gave Bitsonline an overview of the project and its facets. The plan is to connect smart gun technology — which would identify gun users, plus when and where a firearm is fired — to a blockchain platform that records all that data in a format that can be accessed and even used in a court of law.

Justifire’s Jason Palazzolo also gave us a brief rundown of the technology and what it aims to do. Here’s his elevator pitch:

Barnes and Palazzolo described gun ownership and use as a human right, but want to promote responsible use and accountability.

The various software and hardware components of the Blocksafe smart gun network would record data like GPS location, number of shots fired, ammunition remaining, jurisdictional information, and other optics. Others would ensure only the registered user could fire the gun.

It does all this while also protecting firearm users’ real-life identity — important for maintaining privacy in an environment where so much other data is being recorded.


Its website claims the recorded data is “hack proof” and “quantum resistant” encrypted.

What do you think about monitoring and storing gun use data on a blockchain? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Images via Jon Southurst

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