Thursday, October 21, 2021

Brave Hands out 300,000 Free BAT Tokens to Browser Users

Brave Hands out 300,000 Free BAT Tokens to Browser Users

In an effort to convince more users to try their browser, the team behind Brave announced for a limited time they are offering $5 USD in BAT tokens to users. The condition is that users contribute those tokens directly to their favorite sites — including popular YouTube channels.

Incentivizing the Content Creators

Brave is looking to reward publishers for providing content that end users find valuable. In doing so, it aims to disrupt the ad-dependent free content model and its diminishing returns both for advertisers and creators.

brave browserThe team has created a fast, privacy-focused browser that not only blocks all ads and trackers, but has built-in payment functionality called Brave Payments.

And to foster engagement, the team announced yesterday it is giving away 300,000 BAT tokens from its User Growth Pool in order to incentivize operators to join the platform.

Over the next 30 days, users who have not enabled and used Brave Payments can support all verified publishers in the platform up to $5, free of charge. All users must do is update to the latest browser firmware to claim their free tokens.

This promotional offering doesn’t allow users to send their free BAT tokens outside of the browser. However it’s a first-hand experience of what the newest way to get paid for creating valuable content (in a blockchain backed future) will look like.

The Brave Browser

Despite a working product and a use case that is miles ahead of other coin offerings, many users were left dissatisfied by Brave’s highly-anticipated ICO, as it clogged up the Ethereum network and sold out in under thirty seconds.

Now close to six months later, users can begin to get involved in the network that is claiming to revolutionize the way advertising and attention based services are conducted across the internet.

With over 1,000 websites and 600 YouTube channels as content partners already, these free tokens can educate users on how to support their favorite websites. They’ll also bring more and more content providers to the Brave browser for new revenue opportunities — which could create a completely new browsing experience.

Will giving Brave browser users free BAT tokens be enough for them to compete with Google Chrome and Firefox? Let us know what you think.

Images via Brave

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