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Why Decentralized Derivatives Mean Freedom, With Patrick Dugan of TradeLayer

Why Decentralized Derivatives Mean Freedom, With Patrick Dugan of TradeLayer

A derivatives exchange where fiat currencies are backed by crypto, and every trade is its own atomic contract? Bitsonline spoke to Patrick Dugan, founder of the decentralized derivatives exchange TradeLayer, about settling trades on-chain and eliminating the need for exchanges to actually hold the assets they trade (custodial risk).

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 TradeLayer: Decentralized Means Financial Freedom


TradeLayer utilizes the Omni project (once known as Mastercoin) which Dugan has stewarded and even self-funded since 2015. Traders living anywhere in the world can put crypto surrogates of their local fiats on the platform, trade freely, and then settle later.

The true enemy is centralization, the authoritarian “prison planet” where access to markets and the ability to spend freely is restricted — and financial crises are an ever-present threat. A demo version of the platform is coming in the next month or so.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and the various factions jockeying for a dominant position reminded Dugan of the RPGs he used to play. Hanging out with the BCH crowd at Satoshi’s Vision is his play at “picking the underdog faction”. He likes the idea of “on-chain, bearer money” and says Bitcoin Core has deviated from that vision.

To hear Dugan’s vision for truly free exchange trading and how TradeLayer could be the solution, watch the whole interview.

What’s Satoshi’s Vision All About?

Satoshis Vision Background

The March 2018 Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Tokyo is the third of its kind — but the first to take place since the hard fork that separated Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Previous events were the single-day Satoshi’s Vision San Francisco in September 2016 and the two-day Future of Bitcoin event in Arnhem, Netherlands in June 2017.

Presented by Bitcoin Unlimited, these conferences focus on technical and academic research into making Bitcoin a scalable and spendable currency that offers a viable alternative to today’s fiat currencies in daily life. It’s not just “buying a coffee with crypto” — it looks to a future where money itself has intelligence, and is used by humans and machines to create a new kind of economy that’s still being conceived.

Did you see any of the presentations from Satoshi’s Vision? What did you think? Lets hear your thoughts in the comments.

Video and images via Jon Southurst

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