Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Humble Bundle Is Selling Popular Bitcoin Books for $1

Humble Bundle Is Selling Popular Bitcoin Books for $1

Popular discount shopping website Humble Bundle has placed books on Bitcoin and blockchain technology for sale at below retail prices. Customers can select bundles in three prices tiers — $1, $8, and $15 USD – or pay as much as they please. According to Humble Bundle, these books have a retail value of more than $360.

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Learning Crypto With Humble Bundle

The initial Bundle is aimed at beginners, or those curious about bitcoin or cryptocurrency in general, which is priced at $1.

Just a little bit more at $8, and customers can get books that require a more comprehensive level of understanding.

The topics in the first tier of books cover the essential basics of Bitcoin and even a bit of programming. At the $1 price point, these books could be appealing to those curious about Bitcoin, but not enough to invest significant time and money in learning about the technology.

The two higher tiers include books that cover more advanced topics, such as the theory of crypto-economy and building your own blockchains. These books are written for an audience that already has an understanding of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, as well as some programming skills.

Humble Bundle

All of these bundles are to help and expand the knowledge of beginners in cryptocurrency with a variety of educational books and videos, as well as those who have already started but want to learn more. These books are priced to move, too: for the price of fast food meal you can learn about the workings of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

The company is accepting bitcoin for these book bundles. However, they do not accept the cryptocurrency across the entire site. At press time, there are 10 days left on this sale. The Humble Bundle can be found here: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/bitcoin-cryptocurrency-books

Humble Bundle has sales on many different kinds of products. One of their more popular sales are on bundles of PC games, which can often be bought for much lower than the games’ retail prices on Steam.

Will you buy any of the books featured on Humble Bundle? Let us know in the comments below. 

Images via Pixabay, Humble Bundle

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