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‘K Site’ Online Crypto Community Platform Offers Benefits to Pioneer Members

‘K Site’ Online Crypto Community Platform Offers Benefits to Pioneer Members

BitKan is seeking people and groups willing to be “Global Community Officers” to pioneer its “K Site” project. The need for an extended social network-style community dedicated to crypto and blockchain communities has become more pressing recently, as existing platforms like Twitter and Facebook have moved to censor references to the technology under the guise of protecting users from scams.

BitKan is a strategic partner of Bitsonline.

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Create Paid or Free Groups on K Site to Match Your Interests

BitKan K Site

Until May 18th 2018, early joiners can create their own crypto groups on K Site in return for platform perks like KAN tokens, official identities (similar to Twitter’s verified accounts), prioritized showcases, content advertising, access to a huge user base and other campaign benefits.

For more information about what K Site is and what BitKan expects crypto groups to build there, check out our previous article. K Site will be accessible via desktop browsers and BitKan’s mobile app.

Several blockchain projects and companies are already busy creating groups on K Site. These include well-known names like OKEX, Bitmain, Dash, Qtum, Bitcoin Cash, RSK, CoinEx, F2Pool… and of course Bitsonline itself.

The aim is to provide the crypto community at large with a rich-featured and open portal where they can discuss their projects openly with friends and followers — without fear of the arbitrary (and seemingly random) blocks on activity other popular networks are putting in place.

K site will only block posts that have been proven fake, fraudulent or illegal.

Complete Platform for News and Discussion

BitKan K Site

As well as posting news and information about their chosen subject, groups can interact and discuss with followers and fans, giving everyone access to all the information they need in one place. K Site also seeks to drive traffic to the homepages of each group in the same way other social media platforms do, by linking to the original content sources.

A chance to start fresh, establish a presence and become known as leaders in your field. Sound interesting?

Specifically, BitKan is looking for leaders (and those who’d like to be leaders) in fields related to blockchain media, companies and other projects — as well as community leaders, We Media groups and other related experts.

K Site also features the option to provide paid content and create more exclusive expert groups that account holders can pay to join. Would you like your group to use its own coins for payment? K Site accepts and holds balances in multiple cryptocurrencies, and provides token incentives in its native KAN for participating.

Are you interested in joining K Site and building your own network? Tell us about it in the comments.

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