Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Get Ready for the Rally: Bitcoin Price Expected to Temporarily Hit $1500

Get Ready for the Rally: Bitcoin Price Expected to Temporarily Hit $1500

This article was written by Ramiro Burgos.

The bitcoin price looks ready to start a parabola-style movement following recent gains, bringing the markets to $1,500 before settling down in the $900 range.

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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis

Long-Term Analysis

bitcoin price technical analysis

Prices have arrived to the former technical objective at $820, and are still going on an upward movement, expected by global media to reach the $2,000 zone.

However, according to technical analysis, the bitcoin price will climb to a more modest $1,200, a level backed by political factors that will disappear — along with any long-term support — as the rally continues beyond this point.

Furthermore, according to the bullish pattern that often take place in the charts, a parabola could happen, meaning that such highs will last just a few days before falling back to the $850-$900 range, performing some kind of needle that could build a support with a lateral sideways market among $850 and $1,000.

Mid-Term Analysis

bitcoin price technical analysis

Bitcoin price volatility has increased while support gets stronger at $700, preparing for the climb to the $820 trigger area, where some kind of euphoric bubble will emerge and drive the action beyond currently-calculated technical objectives.

Bubble-driven activity could take prices as high as $1,200 for a few days, before settling down in the $900 range.

According to indicators, the market currently has enough strength to push a fast rally powered by political factors and media hype. While fundamentals project a $2,000 bitcoin, profit taking will likely commence at the $1500 level as a big distribution area.

Short-Term Analysis

bitcoin price technical analysis

According to the flag pattern we saw last week, the next relevant level could be analyzed at $820, from where prices could start an upward movement toward several technical goals over $1,200.

However, Japanese Candlestick Analysis doesn’t allow for such a rise to be sustained for long, and suggests a pull-back from $1,200 and beyond to somewhere between $850 and $900. This retraction could prove a psychological hit to “pioneer” bitcoin holders, who may sell out of confusion, favoring the larger marketplace of banks and investment firms.

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