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4/20 Crypto Round-Up: Casper EIP’s Here, AntPool BCH Burns, And More

4/20 Crypto Round-Up: Casper EIP’s Here, AntPool BCH Burns, And More

As tokers celebrate 4/20 (you left out milk and cookies for Snoop Dogg last night, right?), it’s business as usual in today’s crypto space news cycle. Ethereum’s Casper FFG spec was just published on GitHub. AntPool is sending bitcoin cash mining fees “to a black hole address with each block mined.” And Peter Wiulle’s generated curiosity for showing up on the direct contributors list of Bitcoin Unlimited Cash edition 

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EIP 1011 Published

Ethereum’s long, steady march toward scaling continues on with the publication of Ethereum Improvement Protocol 1011 — the so-called “Hybrid Casper FFG” EIP.

Hybrid, of course, because the specification outlines “transitioning Ethereum to a hybrid PoW/PoS consensus model” via Casper FFG.

The alpha Casper FFG testnet was first released to the public on December 31st, 2017. And thus Proof-of-Stake comes closer and closer for Ethereum.

AntPool Announces BCH Fee Burns

AntPool, a cryptocurrency mining pool ran by Bitmain Tech Ltd., just announced on its Facebook page that it’s “begun burning BCH by sending mining fees to a black hole address.”

AntPool noted that going foward the amount of fees burned will equate to 12 percent of the transaction fees accrued by the pool.

On their website, AntPool clarified they decided to commence the burns for scarcity, as they said that “if a portion of the fees are burnt, it is effectively miners sharing revenue with the entire BCH network.”

Wiulle Directly Contributed to BUcash

In the credits section of the Bitcoin Unlimited Cash edition release notes, long-time Bitcoin developer and Blockstream co-founder Peter Wiulle is listed as a direct contributor to the release.

Notably, Wiulle’s contributions weren’t “backported” like some updates “from other projects, namely Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin XT.”

Via u/Gregnie

Some have raised their eyebrows over Wiulle’s having even acutely “hopped the fence,” as it were. Yet in the permission-less crypto ecosystem, fences are only nominal, and Wiulle’s free to do as he pleases just as the Bitcoin Unlimited team is free to accept his contributions. He’s more than technically qualified for the work, to say the least.

It’s certainly interesting, since in recent memory there’s been no love lost for Bitcoin maximalists when it comes to BU:

In the Bitcoin Cash community, users like u/headsniffer have been accepting of the development:

“I think [Wiulle’s contribution’s] fine. He tends to stay away from politicization. He’s not an independent thinker (he was pulled along with the block stream/core narrative after all) but he is a competent coder.”

The Pot Coins, for Good Measure

If you want to see how the so-called “cannabis coins” — marijuana industry-related cryptocurrencies — are doing today, you can give them a gander below:

If the confluence of crypto and cannabis is up your alley, also be sure to check out Bitsonline correspondent Jon Southurst’s fresh article “CryptoCannabis Still Seeking New Financial Solutions for a Lucrative Industry.”

Will your 4/20 entail crypto and cannabis? Let us know in the comments below. 

Images via Redditor u/gregnie, The New York Times

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