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Aburi Salmon Promotes Peace in the Crypto Wars… With Her Breasts!

Among Japan’s many cryptocurrency communities, it’s hard to miss Aburi Salmon’s posts with seductive photos on social media. She is often known as the “girl with big boobs” by many in Tokyo’s crypto scene. However, a lot of people don’t seem to know much about her beyond that. Who is Aburi Salmon, then, and what is she really trying to do by using such a provocative, sexy image to talk about cryptocurrency? We sat down to ask her directly.

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Aburi Salmon’s Unique Take on Crypto Marketing


Aburi Salmon says she got involved with cryptocurrency as recently as September 2017. She had been active as what she calls a “liberal feminist”, providing content on social media using her unique experiences having big breasts in a country like Japan. She’s also known locally as a regular club DJ.

After learning about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash and NEM, she became active in the cryptocurrency community, putting her sexy body image to good use promoting cryptocurrency adoption in Japan. She says she uses her sex appeal to get people hooked initially, and then shares her true philosophies and values.

“The reason why I am encouraging people to have and use Bitcoin Cash is I think it carries the original intentions of Bitcoin and has many possibilities.”

She added she has always been interested in how cultures and communities are formed.

Aburi Salmon

Trying to Lift the Mood a Little

Aburi Salmon also says she’s trying to raise the overall mood in the community by saying fun and cute things, and also playing a positive role as a feminine peacemaker in a generally masculine and aggressive cryptocurrency space. She diffuses tension by tweeting cute and innocently happy comments using an emoticon mascot character she invented herself.

She recently started doing this in the English-speaking community as well, and doesn’t get discouraged, even when her “cute intervention” sometimes provokes a hater or trolls that post vicious and hostile comments towards certain people on social media.

Aburi Salmon DJs at a Bitcoin meetup in Tokyo
Aburi Salmon DJs at a Bitcoin Cash meetup in Tokyo

It hasn’t always been easy though, as some direct their hateful comments directly at her and criticize her activities, saying she is only using the Bitcoin Cash brand to gain popularity.

She says that even in Japan, people look for fights with others from different cryptocurrency communities and projects. She said she hopes to tell people to stop focusing on the negatives; who is better and who’s not, and instead find good qualities about other communities, learn from each other, and focus on the shared goal of promoting cryptocurrency adoption as a whole in Japan.

Watch the full interview above to hear the whole story.

What do you think of Aburi Salmon’s approach? Is it effective? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

Images and video via Aburi Salmon, Akane Yokoo

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