Aidos (ADK) Introduces Unique Offer of Free Shares to Crypto Exchanges

Aidos (ADK) Introduces Unique Offer of Free Shares to Crypto Exchanges

The Aidos Kuneen (ADK) open source project is scaling up efforts to enhance exchange services for reputable blockchain and crypto projects with a one-of-a-kind shares offer to cryptocurrency exchanges.

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The offer, made to top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges, represents a 5% share in ADK’s upcoming bank network. The privacy-focused project hopes that this offer will foster more transparency and honesty in the industry.

ADK founder Ricardo Badoer says that this unique offer is motivated by a desire to help create safer and more legitimate environments for crypto users. It recognizes the role of centralized exchanges in helping bring crypto to mainstream exposure but acknowledges that these exchanges have had more than their fair share of criticism, particularly revolving around their core centralized functions of storing funds that are limited in transparency.

According to Badoer, the ADK project takes pride in that it was one of the few credible projects not to launch via coin offerings or airdrops, rejecting artificial hype in favor of organic growth:

Rather, it has been positioning itself to be the go-to platform for, among other things, offshore banking which projection says will produce more than 90% of crypto value in the next decade.”

Towards offshore banking

The project is approaching its own launch of an EU-based bank, having already confirmed approvals with two Africa-based banks. It now owns 16% share in Kenya’s Sumac Bank and 23% in a Tanzanian bank, with details soon to be announced. As such, ADK is now expanding its outreach to exchanges, especially with the impending addition of the EU-based bank, as this will be very attractive in setting up a crypto-friendly banking network capable of offering remote accounts and debit card services.

In just ten years, the value of crypto assets will be made up of 90% from penetration of offshore deposits, according to a Bloomberg publication using research figures from Satis Group, an independent equity research firm. By 2028, the market cap of crypto is estimated to be near $3.6 trillion, with offshore deposits from crypto assets to boom within two years. External factors such as state restraints on capital, fiat devaluation and unfavorable domestic fiscal policy, compounded by deficits in budgets and rising national debt, will push this phenomenon along.

ADK developments

Having established itself, the ADK project is now gearing up into its second phase of platform implementation, with a recent system upgrade resulting in PoW transactions quicker than 3 seconds, even on mobile devices. This second phase implementation will introduce AKshuffle to mix and shuffle all transfers, making ADK even more anonymous.

Developed by the Aidos Foundation, ADK’s open source and Quantum secure architecture results in zero-fee transactions that can scale without blocks. Its directed mesh transaction system has an underlying I2P network layer protecting user identities, while transactions are 100% invisible and untraceable via AKshuffle.

To learn more, visit the Aidos Kuneen website or view its code on Github and details on the whitepaper. To keep up with developments, follow ADK on AidosMarketWatch and on Twitter.

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