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Altair VR Offers New Pespective on History Using Blockchain

Altair VR Offers New Pespective on History Using Blockchain

Blockchain is turning the world upside down. It offers trust, transparency, and a broad spectrum of learning opportunities. Every day brings new projects based in this technology, offering the chance to see the world from different angles, making global changes to teaching and education.

Take, for example, the Altair VR virtual encyclopedia project. Thanks to its decentralized format, it provides the opportunity to evaluate history from different viewpoints, to see the same event through the eyes of people from different countries, making the process as visually compelling as possible.

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The Path to Virtual Reality

Altair VR began its journey in supplemental education for children 7 years ago. Its planetariums could be found on the border with Europe, in the Far East, in major cities, and in small villages. In the end, the company came to operate its own production facilities, becoming the undisputed leader in mobile planetarium services in Russia.

The world is changing, as is the way children take in experiences. Fewer and fewer schoolchildren are willing to sit for hours over books and textbooks in their traditional print format. Smartphones, on the other hand, have become constant companions, and gradually the world is transitioning over to a new reality – virtual reality.

Unlike in a textbook, in a planetarium children see a vivid, living image projected in 360 degrees. This creates a total immersion effect and makes it possible to engage children in the education process, which helps them master the material.

VR Content

 Altair VR offers functionality to create and distribute VR experiences through scenarios generated by the community members themselves.

The platform already has several major studio partners for content creation, who work in the planetarium market. They will be the ones generating the initial high-quality content for Altair VR. Subsequently, freelancers from across the world will be brought in to work on the platform, motivated to post ready-made content to the platform and create new content by the opportunity to monetize it through tokens.

Altair Takes Care of Users

In addition, Altair VR has a significant advantage over such giants in the VR market as Google Play and Oculus Store. As of right now, the commission for using an app comes in at about 30-40% of the cost of the app itself. The Altair platform takes only 10% commission from each transaction to purchase experiences, while the cost of access to content will be set by its creators themselves. This approach promises to significantly decrease the burden on users’ wallets.

Furthermore, the project team is working on making it possible for users of various VR devices to work with the platform. The plan is to develop compatibility with all the popular VR devices.

About the Project

The first phase, the Pre-ITO, launched on January 26, 2018, and will extend until March 11, 2018, or until 10,000 ETH is raised. Participants will receive a 25% bonus.

The second phase, the ITO, will begin on April 16, 2018, and conclude on May 31. The ITO will also offer bonuses to early participants.

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