AOTB Episode 18: Marcus K. Dowling and Mat Hall

AOTB Episode 18: Marcus K. Dowling and Mat Hall

There’s a fringe technology that’s bringing creatives together in very interesting ways, and it’s called cryptocurrency. Most people gloss over this facet of creative programming when discussing crypto because it isn’t fintech, it isn’t for getting rich quick, and it might just seem “too weird.” Luckily, The Art On The Blockchain (AOTB) Podcast is dedicated to covering this artistic side in detail, live from their studio in DC. Their guests this week include music journalist Marcus K. Dowling and Ethereum developer Matt Hall. Take a listen below.

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Changes in the Music industry

Technology has transformed everything in our day to day lives, from the mundane, to the way we make, share, and distribute art. In the latest AOTB episode, Jeff, Cynthia, and Marcus talk about the transformative influence of tech on the music industry and how blockchain technology may push that landscape into something we may not yet recognize.

From the influence of iTunes to BitTorrent, tech has made a world of difference in every facet of music. Accordingly, the implications of those changes have “broken” the music industry per Marcus.

Getting Artists Paid with Choon

As the episode progresses, Matt and Marcus discuss issues with revenue flow problems in the new music industry and the difficulties in helping those artists earn in a global music market.

Choon is a music streaming platform that helps organize royalties and revenue distribution, with an easy-to-use front end and a 10-year plan. But will Choon take off and make life better for artists or crash and burn like so many other crypto projects? The AOTB crew talks it over.

More to Come

The next episode of AOTB will feature the last of the podcast’s Ethereal Summit coverage, as well as an interview with, a digital art collection platform based on cryptocurrency.

If there’s an art project you want to hear more from in the cryptoverse, chances are there will be a full-length AOTB episode on it among their next few, so stay tuned.

What’s your take? Who would you like to see go on the AOTB podcast? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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