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AOTB Episode 21: DJ Justin 3LAU and the OMF Festival

There’s a fringe technology that’s bringing creatives together in very interesting ways, and it’s called cryptocurrency. Most people gloss over this facet of creative programming when discussing crypto because it isn’t fintech, it isn’t for getting rich quick, and it might just seem “too weird.” Luckily, the Art On The Blockchain (AOTB) podcast is dedicated to covering this artistic side of crypto in detail, live from their studio in Washington D.C.

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Token Terminology and Music Monetization

Hosts Cynthia and J $crilla briefly discuss the state of the creative space, their take on the lack of questions and criticisms at several meetup events, and all the pivots taken in the field of token sale marketing.

The discussion transitions into a chat about the Bitsongs ICO, an IPFS-based music monetization platform. The questionable marketing involved may raise red flags though. Apparently the company is using images of the late Jimi Hendrix in their promotional material.

3LAU on the Blockchain

After a brief interlude on SEO marketing, they introduce their guest, Justin 3LAU, to discuss the launch of the OUR Music Festival, and how they plan to put it on the Ethereum blockchain with the OMF token.

OMF is ticketed using crypto, and your ticket comes with an Ethereum paper wallet. The token has use cases in the scene as well as on OMF network events, with future functionality to be announced.

Part of the motivation behind the token is bringing the grassroots promotional impact that crypto can have to live music events. Holders will be rewarded for spreading the word about OMF media once the platform is launched.

The interview ends on a poignant note, with 3LAU advocating caution, and expressing concern over the unbridled enthusiasm surrounding blockchain technology.


More to Come

AOTB is branching out from their more laid-back style to a series of debates in the forthcoming episodes. The next episode will feature a debate around the utility and ethics of IPFS and the crypto space surrounding it.

If there’s an art project you want to hear more about in the cryptoverse, chances are there will be a full-length AOTB episode on it soon, so stay tuned.

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