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AOTB Episode 22: Mack Flavelle of CryptoKitties

There’s a fringe technology that’s bringing creatives together in interesting ways, and it’s called cryptocurrency. Most people gloss over this facet of creative programming when discussing crypto because it isn’t fintech, it isn’t for getting rich quick, and it might just seem “too weird.” Luckily, the Art On The Blockchain (AOTB) podcast is dedicated to covering this artistic side of crypto in detail, live from their studio in Washington D.C.

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Messages in a Block Bottle

The episode opens with a rundown of the top blockchain art news of the week, and of particular note, an interactive art installation called “Messages of the Mines” — an interactive art piece that hunts for messages embedded on the bitcoin blockchain and showcases them in a digestible way.

Axiom Zen and Crypto Marketing

The meat of the show is an interview with Mack Flavelle of Axiom Zen, the man behind CryptoKitties. He discusses the marketing studio’s previous work, which seems to consist mainly of chrome extensions that change words on web pages.

Flavelle talks about his preconceptions of bitcoiners as despicable people, discusses the origins of the CryptoKitties project, and its primary influences. Ultimately though, the discussion turns to UX and adoption, with interesting insights into the development of the NFT standards on Ethereum.

Battle Royale(s) Available on YouTube

As mentioned in the previous episode, several debates have been held by the AOTB crew in service of sussing out the truth on several blockchain art-related technologies. The first two debates discuss the Usefulness of IPFS, and whether or not Counterparty is more useful than the ERC20 token standard. The recordings of the live broadcasts are available on YouTube. Details of the topics discussed here can be found in the podcast description.

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