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ARK Managing Partner Richard Titus: Satoshi Is a Woman

At the World Blockchain Forum in New York City, ARK managing partner Richard Titus told the crowd that Satoshi is actually a woman. And apparently, he knows that as a fact.

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Satoshi Is a Woman?

At the beginning of his presentation, titled “The State of Digital Currency,” Titus casually referred to Satoshi’s white paper as “her white paper.”

After an excited response from the crowd, he took the opportunity to elaborate on what he meant.

“I have an opinion about Satoshi’s identity,” Titus said, “I believe it is not a ‘her’ or ‘him,’ I believe it is a ‘they,’ and I happen to know that one of those people is a woman.”

“And my view is that since men have been taking credit for women’s accomplishments for about 150 years, why not let a woman take the responsibility for their accomplishment this time?”

Although his statement was very matter-of-fact, Titus did not explain how he knew that one of the Satoshi is a female.

Titus then went on to explain how he became part of the cryptocurrency industry, telling of his experiences during the early days of the internet.

After an online acquaintance introduced him to the Cypherpunk ideology, Titus became interested in decentralized technology and the philosophies behind them. He even experimented with early versions of digital currency, telling the audience he “still has some eCash on an old Blackberry if anyone knows how to boot it back up.”

So, when Bitcoin came along in 2008, Titus was very interested in it, and ultimately ended up working in the industry that grew around the technology in the following years.

From there, Titus talked about the current trajectory of digital currency’s progression. He explained where he believes it needs to go in the future, and why that progression needs to be a grassroots movement.

To get the details on Titus’ thoughts regarding the state of digital currency, watch his World Blockchain Forum presentation in full.      

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