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Jeff Fawkes

Jeff is a crypto journalist for more than 4 years. He delivers rare news for Bitsonline, with authorial drawings and infographics. Apply for an interview or investigation, with Jeff its easy. He can speak both in English and Russian and helps when no one can. Twichter: @jefffawkes

February 1, 2019 by Jeff Fawkes 0 Comment
The 8 Most Important Cryptocurrency Metrics to Look For

Determining good cryptocurrency metrics means searching beyond market cap or yearly profit stats. Let's see what to look for to...

January 27, 2019 by Jeff Fawkes 0 Comment
Ukrainian Cyber Police: ‘Russian Agents Offer Crypto For CEC Data on the Darknet’

Ukrainian Cyber Police chief Sergey Demedyk states that Russian intelligence agents are buying Ukrainian CEC chairmen personal data over the...

January 23, 2019 by Jeff Fawkes 0 Comment
Pavel Durov Will Launch Telegram TON For Everyone in 2019

Durov's team has informed investors that the TON network is 90 percent ready. According to insiders, it will be working...

January 22, 2019 by Jeff Fawkes 0 Comment
Experts Share Thoughts Over Kremlin Bitcoin Crusade

In January 2019, the western media published many articles regarding Russian plans to buy $10 billion USD in crypto during...

January 15, 2019 by Jeff Fawkes 0 Comment
Scam Alert! Is Velvet the New WEX?

The WEX exchange that disappeared together with at least $200 million USD worth of users' funds seems to have had a...

January 3, 2019 by Jeff Fawkes 0 Comment
Chinese VCs, Crimean Crypto Hub: Can Investors Cope With Corruption?

The Crimean occupation government's Deputy Prime Minister Georgiy Muradov has outlined plans to create a mining equipment plant, a new...

December 31, 2018 by Jeff Fawkes 0 Comment
Reddit User Caught Bitcoin God Wallet Stealing Bitcoin Keys From Electrum

According to his post, Reddit user mimblezimble discovered that if you download the Bitcoin God (GOD) wallet featured on,...

December 30, 2018 by Jeff Fawkes 0 Comment
Were The WEX Exchange Admins FSB/CIA Double Agents?

A recent study published by Russia's Lenta news agency indicates that WEX and BTC-e crypto exchanges were used by double...