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Jon Southurst

Jon Southurst is a Senior Editor at Bitsonline. He is based mainly in Tokyo, and is interested in the roles Asian economies play in developing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Follow him on Twitter @southtopia

April 10, 2017 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
OKCoin Customers Must Supply ID, Real Names Under New Rules

Popular exchange OKCoin has announced more stringent anti-money laundering (AML) procedures for its customers worldwide. The new measures are part...

April 9, 2017 by Jon Southurst 18 Comments
Combined Global Debt Now a Staggering $215 Trillion

Global debt is reaching staggering proportions in 2017. According to a report by the Institute of International Finance the combined...

April 8, 2017 by Jon Southurst 27 Comments
We Tested Bic Camera’s Bitcoin Payment System in Tokyo, How Did it Work?

It's only day two of bitFlyer's bitcoin point-of-sale trial at Bic Camera in Tokyo, but we decided to go in...

April 7, 2017 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
How Big is Bitcoin in Japan? Hype Versus Reality

You've probably heard a lot about the promise of bitcoin in Japan. Some of it is true, but there's also...

April 7, 2017 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
ViaBTC Raises $2.9M, Will Launch New Exchange This Year

ViaBTC, one of the 10 largest bitcoin mining pools and cloud provider, has raised ¥20 million CNY (USD$2.9m) in a...

April 6, 2017 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
Bitmain: AsicBoost Not a Covert Attack, Never Used on MainNet

Bitmain has never used the AsicBoost exploit on the Bitcoin mainnet, the company said in an official statement today. Also...

April 5, 2017 by Jon Southurst 9 Comments
Major Japanese Department Store to Begin Bitcoin Payment Trial

In a world-first, Japanese brick-and-mortar retail mega-chain Bic Camera will conduct a bitcoin trial at two of its flagship stores...

April 4, 2017 by Jon Southurst 9 Comments
Amazon Cash Lets Customers Shop Online Without Credit Cards

Amazon has launched "Amazon Cash", a new service for US customers to fund their Amazon accounts at physical retailers. It's...