Thursday, August 18, 2022

Automata Podcast: Why Bitcoin Philanthropy Is Still Challenging, With Connie Gallippi of BitGive

Automata Podcast: Why Bitcoin Philanthropy Is Still Challenging, With Connie Gallippi of BitGive

Funding charitable and development campaigns with bitcoin is as easy as throwing a QR code on your website… right? Not quite, says BitGive founder and executive director Connie Gallippi. Probably the most experienced person in crypto-philanthropy, Gallippi told us why it’s actually getting more challenging to convert currencies — and the new “GiveTrack” initiative encouraging campaigns to keep and hold the bitcoin they receive.

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Gallippi: ‘We Should Be Way Beyond That by Now’

“This is something I’ve been chipping away at, an working extremely hard at, for five years,” Gallippi said. It’s a mature industry now and “we should be much further along than we are”. Part of the problem is regulation, which makes it difficult to convert bitcoin into local currencies — particularly in some of the far-flung regions where the money is needed.

So much of the energy, investment money and talent in bitcoin is spent meeting “first-world challenges” like exchanges, she added — we should be way beyond that by now, exploring all the more transformative uses for bitcoin.

To that end, Gallippi and her team are building a new platform called “GiveTrack” — which aims to create more ways for donation recipients to hold and spend their bitcoin, rather than filter it through cumbersome conversions. GiveTrack also hopes to improve transparency in the donation and development process.

To find out all about it, listen to the full interview.

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