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Automata Podcast: The Business of Decentralization With Venture Capitalist Alyse Killeen

Automata Podcast: The Business of Decentralization With Venture Capitalist Alyse Killeen

What does decentralization mean in 2018? Increasingly it means the ability to opt in and out of the system, says venture capitalist and startup mentor Alyse Killeen. However, its effectiveness depends on everyone understanding and trusting the technology that allows decentralization, and what it can (or can’t) do, she says. That goes for both users and investors. 

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Alyse Killeen: ICOs Need to Mature, Decentralization a Key Concept in Technology Today

Alyse Killeen has an impressive resume in the tech industry. She’s a founding partner at Stillmark, an advisory and investment group, and has been a mentor at Plug and Play Tech Center, Alchemist Accelerator, and Springboard Enterprises. She’s also written extensively about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and decentralization, and appeared at numerous conferences and in the media.

“I was one of the first VCs to look at the token space, before they were called ICOs,” Killeen says. Since then the entire concept of ICOs and token sales has divided the VC community, with most still focusing on standard debt and equity rounds. But she predicts the real use of tokens on software platforms will continue to mature — and in ten years, “the right sorts of groups will be issuing tokens”.

Killeen talks to Automata about why decentralization can be a powerful force, and how blockchain technology allows sharing of device-level resources to create networks with no hub that can be shut down. Her examples are FireChat and, more recently, RightMesh, both mobile technologies that empowered ordinary people. How? Listen to the whole episode to find out more.

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