Friday, December 9, 2022

Automata Podcast: ‘Dogefather’ Jackson Palmer on How the Crypto Scene Changed

Automata Podcast: ‘Dogefather’ Jackson Palmer on How the Crypto Scene Changed

The crypto scene isn’t as fun as it used to be, some complain. But have high returns and an injection of professionalism (heh) destroyed that old, anarchic, community feel? Jackson Palmer joins Automata this week as we ask: is the industry still united in its goals to transform finance, or is it a brawl to see who gets the highest market cap?

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This was a fun interview for us hosts, having known Jackson and his work in crypto for several years. If you didn’t know, Jackson Palmer created the still-popular cryptocurrency Dogecoin “in a much simpler time” a few years ago — and still carries the nickname “Dogefather”, something he admits was self-inflicted.

Smart contracts and ICOs have created an influx of new players into crypto — that lower barrier to entry have shifted the focus to share tokens and market caps, rather than decentralization and currency itself. What does it all mean, and what are the incentives to use them?

Palmer wonders if 2017 was “actually the worst year” for cryptocurrency, with record-low merchant adoption rates, and bitcoin’s transformation from spendable currency to static asset.

Listen to the whole interview to hear three veterans share their latest insights:

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