Friday, January 27, 2023

Automata Podcast: Blockchain Medicine With James Todaro of MedCredits

Automata Podcast: Blockchain Medicine With James Todaro of MedCredits

Blockchain, like many other plans, could help fix an expensive and inefficient healthcare system. But how? James Todaro and a team of fellow medical doctors (and crypto enthusiasts) built MedCredits to improve the process at every level — even including remote diagnoses. How does it work, and is it even possible? Listen to this week’s Automata podcast to find out.

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James Todaro the Ethereum Doctor

James Todaro had been in cryptocurrencies since 2013 but it was only after Ethereum came along that he started to apply the tech to his chosen field, medicine.

Todaro and MedCredits aren’t hyping yet another blockchain solution to a real-world problem — he’s well aware of Ethereum’s potential — and its limitations — in telemedicine. The alpha version is starting with a medical field that’s simple and more visual — dermatology. Patients will be able to photograph and upload their condition for a fast initial diagnosis, and manage the process via an Ethereum smart contract. Todaro added:

“A lot of people ask, do you really need a blockchain for this platform? The answer is yes; to create a truly decentralized healthcare platform you need a trustless system for the patient and the physician to interact.”

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