Friday, February 3, 2023

Automata Podcast: Yours CEO Ryan X Charles on Micropayments

Automata Podcast: Yours CEO Ryan X Charles on Micropayments

“We do get accused by some segments of the bitcoin community for being political,” says Yours founder and CEO Ryan X. Charles. “Our reasons for choosing Bitcoin Cash definitely are plainly economic and not political.”

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Ryan X Charles on How to Pay Content Creators

Yours has put a payment system into a social platform — Reddit’s former cryptocurrency expert Charles and his new crew have created a way for content creators to make money from their work via micropayments. Yours does this in currencies they recognize and without any economic model shenanigans.

Remember when bitcoin was touted as a boon for micropayments and online content creators? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Transaction fees in double-dollar figures (and a little history revisionism) have turned it into something else in 2017 though, leading Yours to look for alternatives.

Charles has courted controversy by vocally ditching Bitcoin in favor of Litecoin, then Bitcoin Cash on Yours’ platform. “You can’t be paying fees of twenty-five cents per payment if your payments are only ten cents in size,” he said.

In this new episode of Automata he talks about the process that led to this, and the other options out there such as Litecoin and Bitcoin’s own proposed off-chain Lightning Network payments. Listen to the full half-hour interview is here:

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