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BCH DEVCON Seeks to Build the Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem, Reward Development

In an effort to spur development and innovation on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain, VC investment fund Permissionless Ventures is holding a series of hackathon contests called BCH DEVCON around the world. The first will take place on October 10-11th as part of San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW), followed later by events in Amsterdam (October 27-28th), Israel, Japan, South Korea, and India.

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BCH DEVCON is offering 10 BCH plus investment by Permissionless Ventures for the first-place getter, 5 BCH for the second and 1 BCH for third. Participants will also benefit from the attention they receive from SFBW’s 5,000+ attendees, plus direct mentorship and advice from representatives of Bitcoin ABC, Coinbase, MoneyButton, and Bitbox.


Permissionless Ventures to Incubate BCH and Other Blockchain Projects

Permissionless Ventures is a $50 million USD fund started by mining giant Bitmain in mid-2018, to invest in building the BCH ecosystem and other blockchain projects.

BCH DEVCON is its first major public project. It invites hackers to compete and collaborate, solving existing problems on BCH as well as explore new ideas that haven’t been tried yet, but have real-world use cases.

Partner Epperly Li, an experienced venture capitalist and former CEO of blockchain VC firm Chainlinker Capital, said it was necessary to support BCH development at the grassroots level and strengthen the community by bringing developers together in person.

“We’re focusing on Bitcoin Cash for these events, but we want to work with developers of all blockchain technologies — promoting and driving blockchain is our ultimate goal.”

Epperly has traveled extensively to blockchain events around the world in her former and current role, rarely stopping at home before setting off to the next one. She told Bitsonline she’s fascinated by the enthusiasm and sense of purpose blockchain and cryptocurrency developers possess.

Permissionless Ventures partner Epperly Li
Permissionless Ventures partner Epperly Li


BCH DEVCON participants must bring along an idea that hasn’t been developed yet, and start working on it from scratch at the event. They’ll be able to use BCH toolkits from Bitbox, Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin.com, Simple Ledger Protocol, and BCH token layer Wormhole.

Winners will be judged on a point system, with 20 points awarded each to best in the following categories: Understanding of Blockchain Technology, Practicability, Scalability, Creativity, and “BCH Score”. The final category seeks creative uses of OP_RETURN and OP_DATASIGVERIFY functions to expand BCH’s capabilities.

The judging panel will consist of Yeoman Capital managing director David Johnston, Bitcoin ABC’s Shammah Chanellor, MoneyButton and Yours.org’s Ryan X. Charles, Wormhole lead developer Jiazhi Jiang, Coinbase senior software engineer Josh Ellithorpe, and Bitbox senior developer Gabriel Cardona.

Entry in BCH DEVCON is free, but participants will have to pay their own way to San Francisco and other locations. Snacks and drinks will also be provided.

BCH DEVCON will take place at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, starting 8:30 AM on October 10th. Anyone interested in attenting is invited to email [email protected] for more information.

Are you interested in attending the event? Do you think hackathons are a useful way to bring out new ideas? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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