Sunday, February 5, 2023

Bentley Azure the Latest Bitcoin Icon as McAfee Buys His First Crypto Car

Bentley Azure the Latest Bitcoin Icon as McAfee Buys His First Crypto Car

Bitcoin mogul John McAfee today boasted about buying a Bentley Azure using his stash of cryptocurrencies — apparently his first crypto car purchase. The often controversial cybersecurity pioneer is known for attracting drama and attention to his business ventures, and his lifestyle often symbolizes the nature of the industry itself.

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McAfee tweeted a photo of the luxury auto a few hours ago, along with an interesting shopping list of other purchases he’s made and a shout-out to the dealer.

McAfee and Luxury Cars Are Both Bitcoin Symbols

McAfee’s tweet indicated that the Bentley Azure is his first cryptocurrency car. That model costs around $350,000 USD.

His tweet may also have been a marketing gig for Cape Cars Auto. Many McAfee followers called it a sponsored tweet. Whether McAfee bought the car at full retail or not, he surely succeeded at attracting more attention to the dealer’s business, while offering a vision of what crypto-riches could bring.

Whatever his industry veteran critics might think, any crypto-curious newcomers will surely find it appealing. Right after the Bentley tweet, McAfee went back to business promoting new ICOs:

The luxury auto industry seems to have warmed up well to the crypto space. In October 2017, career entrepreneur Peter Saddington bought a Lamborghini with part of his Bitcoin holdings.

Many small and even amateur investors have become suddenly rich due to early investments in bitcoin. Despite the occasional setback, BTC value has escalated by 1,500 percent in the past year.

In 2013, an anonymous bitcoin owner purchased a Tesla Model S with his BTC stash. There are popular forums on Reddit and BitcoinTalk for proud owners to show off their bitcoin wheels — though others prefer to keep their newfound wealth quiet.

Limelight – a Must for McAfee

McAfee smokes moneyMcAfee has for years had a tendency to stay in the limelight, either with his tweets or controversial news. Recently, the crypto advocate claimed his Twitter account had been hacked — leading him to “promote” cryptocurrencies he hadn’t intended to. Recent drama surrounding privacy coin Verge saw accusations fly on both sides, eventually leading to a loss of trust for all involved.

Last year, McAfee pledged to “eat (his) own dick on national television” if bitcoin does not reach $500,000 or even $2 million within three years.

Since McAfee started backing cryptocurrencies, it seems there is not a single week where the colorful cybersecurity pioneer hasn’t been in the news.

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Images via John McAfee, YouTube

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