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Asia Back on the Crypto Event Map as Beyond Blocks Moves to Seoul

These days, barely a week passes without another major blockchain and cryptocurrency event in Asia. As the Beyond Blocks Summit moves on from Bangkok and Tokyo, and on to Seoul next month, it’s clear the international investor and developer communities have Asia back on the radar — not just as a regional alternative to Silicon Valley and Wall Street, but as a bona fide leader in the new digital economy.

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Beyond Blocks the Flagship Event of Korean Blockchain Week

Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul will take place from July 17-18th, as the flagship event of Korea Blockchain week. It’s promising over 2,000 attendees from over 30 countries, and high-profile speakers like Michael Novogratz, Michael Arrington, and Taiwanese member of parliament Jason Hsu.

Other Korea Blockchain Week events include Factblock Night, parties, and a Meetup Day for various enthusiast groups.


While there are plenty of representatives from local Korean blockchain and investment firms at Beyond Blocks Summit, there are few if any from the Korean trading exchanges that frequently make the headlines. It suggests there’s now a distinction between the “serious” investor community and the free-for-all of digital asset price speculation.

The Beyond Blocks company, based in Singapore, says its mission is to “connect East and West”, and also engages the community by organizing smaller local meetups.

The first Summit was in Bangkok, Thailand, thanks mainly to founder Saber Aria’s connections there and the Thai government’s more open approach to ICO regulation. Though China may have faded from the public eye as a digital asset investment hub, industry participants remain very influential along with locals in the big money centers of Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore.

Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul

Aria said speakers for each Summit are based on Beyond Blocks’ research and strong referrals from the community. Each speaker is carefully vetted to ensure they’re reputable and experienced, and their organizations worthy enough to reach a large audience of experienced and newcomer attendees.

Seoul is now one of the “most critical hubs” for blockchain and crypto, he added, making it the best choice for the next event after Tokyo back in April 2018. The event slogan is “Connecting Korea with the World”.

Crypto Conferences Now a Staple in Asia

Around 2013-14 there was a smattering of bitcoin and blockchain-related events in Asian cities, but things fell silent for a couple of years while idealistic euphoria gave way to realities like regulation, price crashes, lost investments, and impatience at the slowness of adoption.

But even those slower years feel like the distant past now. With the focus widening to cover both financial and non-financial applications, blockchain technology is becoming a mainstream and more media-friendly staple topic. The experience and money now flowing into the industry makes it far more likely to stay there.

Bitsonline will report from the Beyond Blocks Summit in Seoul next month. The event will take place at Seoul’s Shilla Hotel on Tuesday July 17th and Wednesday July 18th, 2018.

Has Asia cemented its position as a world center for blockchain and crypto? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

Images via Beyond Blocks, Pixabay

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