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Bitcoin ABC Lead Looking to Expand Development Team

Bitcoin ABC Lead Looking to Expand Development Team

Team members who are able to communicate directly and practice “ruthless prioritization” are key to Bitcoin ABC’s future, says lead developer Amaury Séchet. He detailed some of the lessons he’s learned developing the software protocol that forms the basis of Bitcoin Cash (BCC).

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Bitcoin ABC Lead Dev Outlines Vision, Needs

“I realize that success will not come merely from good ideas or good coding. It is necessary to build solid organizations,” Séchet wrote.

Amaury Sechet, Bitcoin ABC
Amaury Sechet

His words suggest the Bitcoin ABC team is looking to expand. There are six key characteristics he’d like the team to have: a big vision for Bitcoin, a focus on goals, “ruthless prioritization” of high-impact projects, and a desire to push boundaries. He also wants people who can communicate directly and honestly, and are “open-minded and self-aware”.

Séchet described his experiences so far in a post titled “Bitcoin ABC: Our Values and Vision” on the Yours platform. Yours is a content platform that tips and pays creators in a manner similar to Steemit, but its developers have shown a public preference for Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin ABC is one of several components that led to Bitcoin Cash’s existence, Séchet clarified. It originated from mining giant Bitmain’s “contingency plan” to block a SegWit “user-activated soft fork” (UASF) from becoming a hard fork. It also included proposals from Bitcoin Unlimited’s BUIP055 and btcforks.

Séchet and his development team scrambled to put together a stable “big block” alternative Bitcoin protocol in time for August. The result was ABC.

Are ABC, Bitcoin Cash Growing? How and Why?

If Bitcoin ABC is growing, it’s a sign of confidence that Bitcoin Cash will be around for a while yet. What’s driving its appeal?

At press time, Bitcoin Cash had a price of $316 USD. In contrast to Bitcoin’s (BTC) boom over the past month, BCC has been on a gently declining trend since mid-September. It briefly traded at over $900 in August 2017 soon after the hard fork that created it, and rose to hit peaks of $690 and $538 in September.

Bitcoin ABCA Bitcoin Cash-focused P2P/OTC trading network in the spirit of LocalBitcoins also launched in beta a few days ago, on 13th October. serves as a BCC news and information portal as well as a way to hook up individual buyers/sellers.

Some have said attention may return to BCC if the November “SegWit2x” hard fork fails. Those who insist Bitcoin can only be useful in the future with larger transaction blocks (a.k.a. “big blockers”) may despair at their chances of implementing it on the main blockchain, and look for alternatives. In fact, that may be the main reason BCC still exists at all.

“We see billions of people using Bitcoin and we will help make it happen,” Sechet wrote in his post — notably, without the “ABC” or “Cash” qualifiers. It could be a subtle hint at where the developers want their project to go.

Do you think Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin ABC will still exist in 10 years? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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