Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Bitcoin Car Talk Talks to Scott Adams About SAFT, It Ends Badly

Bitcoin Car Talk Talks to Scott Adams About SAFT, It Ends Badly

HUMOR: On this latest “Bitcoin Car Talk” Episode, host Mikeinspace chats with Dilbert creator turned political analyst Scott Adams about his SAFT launch — which is totally, as in legally, not an ICO. At all.

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After putting Paul Sztorc on hold for slightly less time than the DMV average, Mikeinspace calls Scott Adams. At least we think it’s Mike. Hard to tell, because the host behind the wheel is wearing a Dilbert mask that’s so amateurish, even Adams is triggered.

More importantly, can he actually see anything with that mask on? Adams is concerned, as are we — but like your best friend who just gave you that hot ICO tip, Mike assures us everything will be fine. Watch to see what happens next:

Scott Adams, WhenHub and SAFT Sales

Anyway, What Are SAFT Sales?

The first thing you need to know about SAFTs is they are definitely not ICOs. In fact they’re not even tokens. The second is that Scott Adams is participating in one, for a platform called WhenHub.

If Mikeinspace were still alive, he probably would’ve told us that in the video. Alas.

SAFT stands for “simple agreement for future tokens” and it’s an agreement for a company to supply you with a token at some future point, if that token has actual utility on its network.

WhenHub is building a mobile app platform for ordinary people to hold short, two-way chats with experts on a variety of topics.

The process is managed via smart contracts and distributed apps (dApps) on the Ethereum blockchain, and all that commerce is paid for with WHEN tokens.

Got it?

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