Sunday, February 5, 2023

Bitcoin Car Talk Is a Huge Scam: Tone Vays and Jack Mallers of Zap

Bitcoin Car Talk Is a Huge Scam: Tone Vays and Jack Mallers of Zap

HUMOR: Former Wall St trader turned crypto scambuster Tone Vays has returned with new warning for the community: “Bitcoin Car Talk” is a scam. In fact, just as Bitcoin Futures contain no bitcoins, Car Talk may not even involve cars.

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Vays also exposes “host” Mikeinspace’s practice of regularly killing his guests — and sometimes even himself — as part of the series. To his surprise, and to the chagrin of everyone on r/BTC, former guest Samson Mow appears to be alive and well despite his apparent fiery demise in a past episode.

The Actual Point – Jack Mallers of Zap

Anyway, that’s not even the point of this week’s episode. Watch on for the delightfully awkward moments that follow, as Mike interviews Jack Mallers, developer of Lightning Network wallet Zap. Like most Bitcoin Car Talk interviews it goes off the rails in about five seconds, and the two discuss life in general. Or at least, Mike does.

For the record, Zap is an open-source wallet client for the Lightning Network that aims to make bitcoin fast, cheap and usable again — all the things it hasn’t been in recent months. Lightning and similar “payment layers” will be a fairly different bitcoin experience to the one you’re used to, so check out what’s happening with Zap here.

And in the meantime, check out the new Bitcoin Car Talk — which is also fast and cheap, but unfortunately most likely a scam.

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