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Bitcoin Car Talk (Sort-of) Chats With Internet Meme Kiara Robles

Humor: “Why am I talking to a cartoon?” says Blockstream developer Kiara Robles, finally asking the question many Bitcoin Car Talk interview subjects have wanted to ask for years. Unfortunately, host Mikeinspace is still locked in the truck after a previous episode took a wrong turn. Can he get out alive? Does he want to?

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Kiara Robles Became a Bitcoin and Internet Meme at the Same Time


Kiara Robles is best known for taking one for the Bitcoin team in the most public way — In February 2017 she was pepper-sprayed in the face on live TV. An Antifa “protestor” at UC Berkeley mistook her “Make Bitcoin Great Again” parody hat for its more patriotic original.

Her humiliation continues as she chats with Mikeinspace’s bargain basement animated persona, but thankfully this time there’s no need for a medical (or legal) appointment after.

These days Robles is a developer at Blockstream, arguably a more controversial position than appearing at UC Berkeley in a red baseball cap. So far, no-one in the Bitcoin scaling debate has used tear gas or started any (literal) fires — though reading through the rival camps’ Reddit forums, we wonder if that’s only a matter of time.

Meanwhile Mikeinspace has enough troubles of his own, so we get to hear very little of Robles’ stance on Bitcoin issues. It’s up to Theo Goodman and Tyson O’Ham to rescue him from his car’s airtight luggage compartment. Or is it actually a safe space? Watch Bitcoin Car Talk to find out.

For the record, Robles filed a $23 million USD lawsuit against UC Berkeley, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and billionaire George Soros. She later dropped the suit after the District Court judge assigned to the case, a Berkeley graduate and Bill Clinton appointee, failed to recuse herself over potential conflicts of interest.

Luckily there are no conflicts of interest in Bitcoin and we’re all happy to head to a bar and share a friendly drink over some laughs at the next meetup. Right?


What’s the best way to settle ideological differences — debate, activism, or by locking people in trunks? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Images and video via Mikeinspace

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