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‘Bitcoin Car Talk’ Returns With New Season, as WTF as Ever

‘Bitcoin Car Talk’ Returns With New Season, as WTF as Ever

HUMOR: And now for your moment of Bitcoin zen: The new season of “Bitcoin Car Talk” is ready for viewing on YouTube. Host Mikeinspace sat down with Bitsonline to talk about the method behind his madness.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Bitcoin Car Talk, it’s… kind of different to the thousand other crypto interview and discussion shows out there. In fact, the way Mike treats his guests, the most impressive thing about BCT is that people are lining up to appear on it.

It’s not actually a show about cars — but the show’s action happens in Mike’s car. Watch the newest episode here, then go back and check out the first series. We promise you’ll want to.

Interview with Mikeinspace of Bitcoin Car Talk

JS: How’d you come up with the idea?

MIS: About a year ago I made some initial attempts at long-form, serious interviews with people in the space, like Rodolfo Novak of Opendime. Those early interviews were okay, but really offered nothing unique. It’s obviously a crowded field, filled with people who do a much better job at that sort of thing, than I ever could. Booking guests also proved to be a challenge at the time. So I decided, almost on a whim, to try something different, that no one else really seemed to be doing, which is a faux interview show about Bitcoin where we rarely ever discuss Bitcoin.

JS: What are your favorite topics?

MIS: The show generally steers clear of discussing any topic seriously, although we did get to the bottom of the whole How do you pronounce ‘Ver’? controversy. I know that people have feuded about that for years.

JS: What do the guests think about your edits?

MIS: For the most part, the finished episodes are an accurate reflection of the scripts provided to the guests, so I’m assuming they like the edits. I don’t try and pull a fast one on guests, by changing everything after the fact. My goal is to make the guest shine, not to make them the butt of a joke.

That being said, I did break this rule once on the Season Finale. Samson Mow sent me his video footage and for whatever reason he decided to take a sip from one of those now iconic “Liquid by Blockstream” water bottles. That wasn’t in the script. I ended up rewriting the entire episode around it, including the Liquid Thermite commercial that precedes the episode and, obviously, Samson Mow exploding at the end. I figured the ends justified the memes. I even did a follow-up episode with Thomas Hunt and Jimmy Song that explored the aftermath of that tragic event.

Bitcoin Car Talk Samson

JS: Any other guests of note?

MIS: I’m really happy that I got to interview both Brendan Eich and Bram Cohen. These two guys have had an incredible impact on the internet, whether the average person is aware of it or not.

Roger Ver censoredRoger Ver coming on the show was also unbelievable. The show was very new at the time, so getting him kind of put me in the mental mode that it was actually possible to get some really influential people on.

I have to give credit to Wayne Vaughan who helped a lot early on and Brian Hoffman who was the first guest, which gave the show legitimacy to actually be seen as “a real show”.

JS: What sort of feedback have you received?

MIS: I’m actually surprised how positive the vast majority of feedback has been. There’s obviously the odd troll, now and then, but I do enjoy the negative feedback as well, because it kind of plays into the whole narrative of the show “sucking” and yet, inexplicably, the biggest names in the space are guests on it. We actually have some fun with this idea on the next episode. Richard Heart basically telling the audience that the show sucks.

That being said, the positive feedback is also wonderful. A personal highpoint, for me, was Adam Back saying he really likes the show. That was awesome!

JS: What do you have in store for the upcoming season?

MIS: I’m really excited about Season 2. The premiere episode features Luke Dashjr as well as some other special surprises. Luke was one of my favorite guests to have on, because he does so few interviews, and you rarely see him in a “comedic” context. I think the Bitcoin community is really going to like that episode. I also have the legendary John McAfee coming up on a future episode as well as some other heavy hitters, but I don’t want to say too much. I think a lot of the charm of the show is the surprise element.

JS: Where can people find out more?

MIS: All the episodes are available at or you can follow me on Twitter @mikeinspace

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Images via Mikeinspace, Bitcoin Car Talk

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