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‘Bitcoin Car Talk’ Season Finale: Can Mike Survive It?

HUMOR: The 2018 Season Finale of Bitcoin Car Talk is an absolute killer — literally! Host Mikeinspace is a hunted man, on the run from supporters of Bitcoin economic commentator and rival Saifedean Ammous. As an innocent Canadian lost in a world of heavily armed American crypto-anarchists, lawyers and cam girls, can Mike survive? Watch the episode to find out.

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Armed Bitcoiners Go Full Internet on Mikeinspace


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The episode begins as Mike ponders his reputation in the Bitcoin community, having been ostracized following an ill-fated attempt to engage in a form of argument with Ammous, Internet-style.

As often happens online, the situation escalates quickly and Rob Mitchell of The Bitcoin Game podcast gives Mike a warning: watch out.

This uniquely in-depth edition of Bitcoin Car Talk examines the crypto community itself, and its constituent characters. To what extent is the intrinsic value of bitcoin and its various altcoins and forkcoins derived from these people’s personalities, interactions, and above all, butthurt? The answer to that question may be difficult to swallow, or even fatal.

It’s Mike who puts his very life on the line to investigate these issues through personal experience — though perhaps not intentionally.

Also in Bitcoin Car Talk…

Later, it also looks into the hypothetical of whether other digital assets could succeed with car-based video series of their own. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee thinks he can improve it with speed, while Decred’s Marco Peereboom is… well, you’ll just have to watch to see.

As to the overarching question of whether Saifedean Ammous’ book “The Bitcoin Standard” is worth reading, we can’t say — this reporter (and poor newsreader) has not read a book since podcasts and YouTube were invented.

Should future Bitcoin flamewars be conducted with firearms? How would laws in your jurisdiction approach this? Let us know in the comments.

Images and video via Mikeinspace

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