Sunday, February 5, 2023

Bitcoin Car Talk Confirms Use of Sock Puppets in BCH Debate

Bitcoin Car Talk Confirms Use of Sock Puppets in BCH Debate

HUMOR: In his recent infamous exchange with John Carvalho, Roger Ver claimed he’d “never hired a single sock puppet” to promote his causes. However, the latest startling episode of Bitcoin Car Talk has revealed there’s at least one.

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Proof of Sock

Host, er, Mikeinsock attempts to play peacemaker by bringing Carvalho and Ver back together for a calmer discussion — but things quickly head south when Carvalho once again trolls Ver by mispronouncing his surname. Despite repeated corrections, Carvalho refuses to budge.

The ever-skeptical Carvalho, also known as “BitcoinErrorLog”, begins to suspect the whole thing is a setup and accuses Mike of being a paid sock puppet deliberately trying to cause trouble. Obviously this is not true, but watch for yourself to see where it all goes:

This episode reflects a sorry state of affairs in the Bitcoin community, which was formerly united in its mission to replace banks and sidestep governments’ control over money and the global financial system.

Private businesses seeking to dominate the new paradigm themselves have placed paid shills in the media (of which this writer is absolutely not one) and sock puppet accounts on social media.

Where once there were cordial discussions and geeky meetups over a few beers, Bitcoin millionaires now squabble over how best to protect their fortunes. The money changed you man, you’re not you anymore. It’s like I don’t even know you, Bitcoin.

Like most of Mike’s interviews, it will probably end in violence. But you can have a few laughs before that happens.

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