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Bitcoin Cash Developers Have Decided on the Algorithm Upgrade for Upcoming Hard Fork

Bitcoin Cash Developers Have Decided on the Algorithm Upgrade for Upcoming Hard Fork

The Bitcoin ABC team has released a public statement regarding the planned Bitcoin Cash hard fork on 13th November — offering a detailed look at the proposal that was ultimately chosen.

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Bitcoin ABC Statement Regarding BCC Hard Fork

The statement, published on Bitcoin ABC’s official site, describes the proposals and the testing process they all underwent.

The Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) community produced a multitude of difficulty algorithms, with developers from Bitprim and nChain testing the top 3.

Of the top three algorithms —  “D578” from Neil Booth, “D601” from Amaury Sechet, and “D622” from Tom Harding — developers ultimately selected Sechet’s proposal over the others.

The decision came from a coordinated effort between several independent development teams, with a significant amount of deliberation occurring between developers from the different groups.

Replacing the Original Bitcoin Cash Emergency Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm

The upgrade itself comes as a response to the network’s current Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA), which originally intended to help the currency survive as the minority Bitcoin chain.

Bitcoin ABC

While seemingly successful in this regard, the original DAA has come with some costly side-effects that most agree have hurt Bitcoin Cash more than it has helped.

These side-effects, according to developers, include an unstable hash rate that has produced extreme highs and lows in hash power, which, in turn, have made transaction speeds inconsistent at best.

The Bitcoin ABC team said they believe their proposed fix will bring a better DAA. Indeed, Bitcoin ABC reported, all three proposals performed better than the current DAA during testing.

Juan Garavaglia, a member of the Bitprim testing team, commented on the improved performance compared to the current DAA:

“So far, everything does much better than the current DAA, and the ‘turbo blocks’ problem is less severe and corrects faster than before.”

This update from Bitcoin ABC comes after the initial announcement on October 21 that developers had decided on the November 13 hard fork, and had started research on new algorithms.

What do you think of Bitcoin ABC’s proposal to change the difficulty adjustment algorithm? What did you think of the EDA? Let us hear your thoughts.

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