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Bitcoin Cash Black Friday – Could It Ever Be a Thing?

Bitcoin Cash Black Friday – Could It Ever Be a Thing?

Bitcoin Black Friday is a popular day for crypto-enthusiasts and online shoppers alike. The event brings together the best of both worlds, by offering the public open-minded merchants that view bitcoin as a valid currency to pay for goods and services. But in 2017, Bitcoin’s rebel offspring that wants the daily spending crown for itself — bitcoin cash.

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According to one source, Bitcoin Black Friday has its roots in 2012, and was created by fellow “crypto-enthusiast” Jon Holmquist. It’s been going strong ever since, and the list of merchants accepting bitcoin seems to grow every year.

Some Friendly ‘Coin Competition’

This is obviously exciting news, but it does raise a few questions, such as whether we’ll ever see Black Fridays devoted to bitcoin’s many crypto-cousins. Will we ever witness the birth of an Ether Black Friday? What about a DASH Black Friday? Heck, maybe even pizzacoin?

Interestingly, bitcoin’s offspring bitcoin cash has taken center stage as the asset most likely to earn a Black Friday in its honor.

Rising to fruition in August of 2017 as the result of a bitcoin hard fork, bitcoin cash (BCH or BCC) is the spawn of everybody’s favorite cryptocurrency, and it’s rising through ranks at a solid rate.

Now selling for over $1500 at press time, BCH seems to be in direct competition with its daddy, shouting “anything you can do I can do better” with every hop forward. Of course, it’ll be a while before bitcoin cash catches up, but that day is likely come.

Bitcoin Cash Black Friday – Could It Happen?

So, some are wondering if there’ll ever be a Bitcoin Cash Black Friday to celebrate. Right now, the conversation appears minimal, with only a few voices showing their support for the event.

Bitcoin Cash logoOne Reddit user posted the question online as to whether it could ever happen, but only two answers have been recorded so far. One mentioned the acceptance of additional merchants will be necessary for things to work out. The second talks about a site that’s “agnostic”, and already accepting bitcoin cash payments.

In a separate thread, one Reddit user pondered what a Bitcoin Cash Black Friday could eventually mean, by writing: “Imagine if this day becomes a real Black Friday for BTC.”

Meanwhile, the “Accept Bitcoin Cash Initiative” is a non-seasonal campaign to catalog BCH-accepting merchants around the world. There are also evangelists in places like Tokyo and Australia pounding the pavement to promote bitcoin cash in person.

They Just Keep Going and Going…

For the most part, cryptocurrencies have enjoyed a solid rise over the past several months, but out of all of bitcoin’s competitors, bitcoin cash has enjoyed the largest by far. At only three months old, its staggering jump has shocked even the sturdiest of crypto-believers, and the potential it offers is beyond anything we originally imagined.

Accept Bitcoin Cash InitiativeAdditionally, bitcoin cash is a direct descendant of bitcoin, and thus as bitcoin’s reputation expands, so will bitcoin cash’s.

More and more merchants are accepting bitcoin every day, and this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday was as big a hit as ever. With so much interest being generated about bitcoin and its growing usage, it’s only natural that these same merchants will be interested in the capabilities of its “digital son.”

With such a sudden rise to fame, the benefits of bitcoin cash are likely to be recognized quickly – perhaps even quicker than those of bitcoin, and a general acceptance of bitcoin cash may happen faster than we all thought possible.

We’ll Have to Wait and See

For now, bitcoin cash is too new to make any lasting marks, but by next November, there’s no telling what could change.

By then, bitcoin cash’s reputation and stamina could be solidified in stone, and those currently embracing it may double or even triple in just a few short months. Until then, we hope your Bitcoin Black Friday deals bring you joy and happiness as we approach the year-end holiday season.

Do you think we’ll soon witness the birth of Bitcoin Cash Black Friday? Post your comments below.

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