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It’s Happening: Bitcoin Cash Is Set to Hard Fork on November 13

It’s Happening: Bitcoin Cash Is Set to Hard Fork on November 13

Come November 13, 2017 Bitcoin Cash will hard fork to make a few performance adjustments to the BCC protocol. Bitprim’s Juan Garavaglia has announced that, in preparation for the coming hardfork, he is running tests on different adjustment algorithms for mining difficulty.

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Why Is Bitcoin Cash Doing a Hard Fork?

Unlike the previous Bitcoin hard fork that resulted in the creation of BCC, Garavaglia assures that this fork has support and is only meant to upgrade the protocol.

A large issue with the original protocol came from the “Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm,” or DAA. This algorithm, said Garavaglia, allows difficulty to adjust faster than every 2016 blocks if miners have issues finding blocks in a timely manner.

“The original intention was to allow Bitcoin Cash to survive as a minority chain by avoiding a frozen chain situation where the blocks get too slow,” Garavaglia told Bitsonline.

Bitcoin Cash

But now, the side effects of the DAA are outweighing its benefits. Due to the tendency to drop mining difficulty sharply, which brings a large influx of miners looking for profit, thereby increasing difficulty just as rapidly as it fell.

Explaining the problem to Bitsonline, Garavaglia said:

“So we have this situation of extremes where blocks are being mined every minute, or every few hours.  This is not what users want.  Also, Bitcoin Cash is now thousands of blocks ahead of Bitcoin and it is screwing up the coin issuance schedule.”

Therefore, Garavaglia and the Bitcoin ABC team are searching for a replacement to the current DAA. Some of the proposals being tested by the ABC developers have come from the likes of Amaury Sechet, Neil Booth and Tom Harding.

A single algorithm has not been selected yet, but Garavaglia said the ongoing, intense testing will produce a result that can be implemented successfully on November 13.

Community Reception

Instead of trying to force miners to adopt a solution, Garavaglia noted that the Bitcoin ABC developers — the team working on Bitcoin Cash — are in contact with miners and exchanges to ensure a smooth fork.

Additionally, the community itself seems to have consensus around the need for a change to the DAA. And no, Garavaglia assured, this fork has nothing to do with the upcoming SegWit2X fork.

“This hard fork has been planned for a while,” he said, “we could wait longer, but the DAA has become a pressing issue. We need to fix it and soon.”

Garavaglia added that the ABC team had discussed waiting until after the SegWit2X fork to avoid controversy, but that “the problem needed to be fixed immediately.”

“It was always assumed things would be fixed around this time, but really one thing has little to do with the other.”

Bitsonline will continue following this story and provide updates as they become available.

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