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Bitcoin Cash Has a New Official Site: Still Orange, Still the Big ‘B’

Bitcoin Cash Has a New Official Site: Still Orange, Still the Big ‘B’, the official online portal for all things Bitcoin Cash, relaunched this week. As well as a new site design that includes information about the coin and available services, it has retained BCC’s familiar yet controversial orange branding and logo.

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The new site touts Bitcoin Cash’s benefits — as a fork of Bitcoin it inherits Bitcoin’s history, reliability and much of its network effect. It lists BCC’s main new features as on-chain scalability (i.e.: big blocks), new transaction signatures offering replay protection, Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA) to avoid problems caused by large numbers of miners joining or leaving the network, and a decentralized development team.

Bitcoin Cash site wallets

There’s a list of exchanges trading BCC (users might want to double-check Chinese exchange’s fluctuating conditions), available wallets, and data services.

The new site’s FAQ section describes in a simple way the background to Bitcoin scaling and the 1st August hard fork that created Bitcoin Cash. It also explains who automatically owns BCC and basic steps to secure the forked balance.

Orange is the New Brand Identity

Bitcoin Cash logo RedbubbleThe debate over Bitcoin Cash’s brand identify continues even within its own user community. Should it use Bitcoin’s original logo and colors? How does it differentiate itself without (a) confusing newcomers, or (b) implying it’s just another altcoin?

The new site continues to use orange as the main color and the round “B with two strokes” logo. Eagle eyes will notice the “B” points up, whereas Bitcoin’s “B” points downward. Other than that, the main difference is the addition of square shapes bordering the logo.

One proposal is to simply make the Bitcoin Cash logo green. This has gained a degree of popularity even among the developers, and appears on some clothing and souvenir items.

Should Bitcoin Cash Sell Itself as Bitcoin?

Among BCC fans, there’s a desire to not deviate too far from Bitcoin’s original branding. Bitcoin Cash, they say, is still Bitcoin and remains truer to “Satoshi’s original vision” for the currency.

Implementing segregated witness (SegWit) and moving payments to new, second-layer services is a more radical departure from the original Bitcoin concept than simply increasing the block size, they add.

Detractors, and also some online services, routinely refer to the coin as “Bcash”. This is ostensibly to “avoid confusion”, though it’s noted that no service seems to have a problem with “Ethereum Classic”.

The term “Bcash” is not used by anyone connected to the project, and is regarded as a pejorative or (at least) an attempt to externally define it.

The new Bitcoin Cash official site plays a dual role — as an information portal and marketing tool. Newcomers’ first impressions will no doubt affect their perception of the currency, and in the long run its value as well.

What’s your prediction for the future of Bitcoin Cash? Let us know in the comments.

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