Big Blockin': Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Day Produces 15 MB BCH Block

Big Blockin’: Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Day Produces 15 MB BCH Block

September 1st marked the Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Day in the BCH community, wherein participants sent around 2 million transactions on the day to “showcase the Bitcoin BCH network capacity.” The blocktivities saw several BCH blocks mined over 10 MB, including a new project record in block 545978 (15.247 MB).  

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A Flurry of Activity on Bitcoin Cash In First Community Stress Test

Just over one year after the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) chainsplit from Bitcoin (BTC), the BCH community has conducted its first “Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Day,” with over 2 million transactions pumped through the blockchain’s network on September 1st  as its project’s participants highlighted the alternative Bitcoin’s throughput capabilities.

Bitcoin Cash
The record 15.247 MB block. Image via Blokchair.

The coordinated campaign saw several double-digit blocks pumped through the Bitcoin Cash blockchain on the day, foremost among them being block 545978, which was mined at a record-breaking 15.247 MB.

To put the “stress” on, participants were encouraged to liberally use any of a number of BCH-centric apps, including game-zone BitZillions, social media play Memo, and BCH-payout article site, among others.

The campaign’s leaders originally sought to facilitate 5 million transactions for the showcasing-minded holiday. The final tally was around 3 million shorter, though still in the millions.

Notably absent in today’s blocktivities was the more adversarial BitPico, a hacker collective that had previously threatened to throw its weight into stressing Bitcoin Cash with chainsplits. The provocateurs have seemingly since closed up shop instead.

It was a day of unity in the BCH community, a marked contrast with the tensions that have arisen in recent days upon the possibility of a Bitcoin Cash hard fork over technical disagreements in the ecosystem.

Txhighway Benefits from Tx Boon

The Txhighway, a website that tracks bitcoin cash transactions in real-time, said it discovered and started fixing numerous bugs in response to the flurry of activity the Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Day instigated.

Txhighway gets an upgrade.

Some new API fixes have the site running more fluidly. The day’s events made the site’s co-creator realize “we shouldn’t rely on a third party.”

Something’s Rotten In the State of Denmark

Not literally. But in the Shakespearean sense, aye indeed, as the Bitcoin Cash community’s top thought leaders have seemingly seen their schism permanently widened, record blocks or not.

That’s per the BigBlockers Twitter bot, which recently noted owner and BCH entrepreneur Roger Ver and Dr. Craig Wright, a self-claimed Satoshi Nakamoto, unfollowed each other on the platform.

Bitcoin Cash
Roger Ver and Dr. Craig Wright unfollowed each other on Twitter in the past day.

The apparent unfollow-out comes on the heels of rumors of a potential Bitcoin Cash hard fork reaching a fever pitch as of late. Those like Bitcoin Unlimited’s Peter Rizun have called for more debate, while others, like CoinGeek’s Calvin Ayre, have seemed more comfortable pushing full-steam ahead.

Bitsonline will continue to track the schism as the situation continues to develop.

What’s your take? Did BCH take a step forward today, or no? Let us know your stance in the comments below. 

Images via Pixabay, Blockchair, Txhighway

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