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Give an Unforgettable Bitcoin Christmas Card This Year

Give an Unforgettable Bitcoin Christmas Card This Year

It’s been a long standing tradition for the more lazy among us to give cash or gift cards to relatives on Christmas instead of more… well, thoughtful gifts. But what about a “Bitcoin card” for the holidays? It might just be the gift that keeps on giving.

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Here’s Our Christmas Suggestion

This article describes a process for creating holiday cards with an integrated bitcoin wallet, ensuring “Bitcoin evangelists” can subject their relatives to a thoughtful and merry dose of the crypto craze over the coming days of gift exchanges.

Bitcoin Merry Christmas card
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Step 1: Generate Your Addresses

So, you’ve decided to give your relatives wallet cards for Christmas. The least you can do is make it look like you put some thought into the idea, so make a few vanity addresses instead of just using whatever random keys one of those paper wallet generators gives you. The whole point of this is to go the extra mile, right?

To do this, you’ll need Vanitygen (linux/mac) (windows).

Remember that your address has to start with 1, and that each letter you add to the vanity will take longer to calculate. For more than six characters you’re going to wait a very long time, unless you have some powerful GPUs to speed up the process.

Recommended short vanity addresses to use include:

  • 1Jing1e
  • 1Merry
  • 1Gift
  • 1Be11s
  • 1Santa
  • 1Snow
  • 1OpnFir
  • 1Ho11y

You get the idea, so on and so forth.

Step 2: Make Your QR Codes

After this, you’ll have your private key and the associated vanity address. Now download a paper wallet generator, disconnect your wi-fi, unzip the package, click the .html, and enter the private key in “wallet details.”

From there, copy the QR code the generator provides you with and paste it into a Christmas card template — something like the placeholder template we’ve made here.

Then, send some bitcoin to the paper wallet’s address and print the card on satin or matte cardstock. Add a personal message and throw the card into an envelope. Voila!

The only thing left to do is explain to your family and friends how to sweep their new BTC into a new wallet of their own creation.

What do you think? Are you considering making “Bitcoin cards” for your loved ones this holiday season?

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