Bitcoin Maverick: Cøbra Pushes Back in Bitcoin-dot-org Ownership Debate

Bitcoin Maverick: Cøbra Pushes Back in Bitcoin-dot-org Ownership Debate co-owner Cøbra has found their ownership under debate per a July 25th “ Domain Ownership” issue raised in the bitcoin-dot-org GitHub. Therein, skeptics argued the co-owner might maliciously “re-purpose to promote BCH.” Cøbra defended their position in the community and said they wouldn’t be pressured “into handing over the domain to some random group.”

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A Suggestion of Relinquishment

No stranger to controversy, the pseudonymous Cøbra, who goes by @CobraBitcoin on Twitter and Cobra-Bitcoin on GitHub, has now seen their co-ownership of come under direct debate.

Opened by user beyourseff, the GitHub issue in question posits that Cøbra “has become an unreliable person to own the domain name, mainly given his public support for BCH.” The user went on to relay concerns that Cøbra would begin “propagandizing BCH” via or otherwise sell the domain to someone else with less-than-noble intentions.

As for their proposed solutions, beyourseff said that Cøbra should transfer the “domain back to @theymos,” the pseudonymous lead administrator of r/Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Forum who isn’t without controversy of their own. Alternatively, another proposal was the domain should be given to a non-profit with membership elected from respected Bitcoiners.

Cøbra: ‘No Way on Earth’

A handful of “aye” votes for the non-profit route streamed in before Cøbra personally chimed in to the issue. They began by saying that, even if they were to entertain the idea, the process would only go through the aforementioned Theymos, who Cøbra said “I have serious levels of respect for.”

Then, the co-owner launched their refutation:

“Anyway, I think this idea is pretty stupid. Maybe I do like some aspects of Bitcoin Cash, and find it pretty useful in a limited context at times, but that doesn’t mean I’m some raging ‘Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin’ lunatic. How do you guarantee the next set of owners would be incorruptible? You think I haven’t had people attempt to ‘buy me out’?

[…] I won’t deny I can be erratic at times, but there’s a difference between ‘difficult to work with’ and outright malicious intent. Maybe go on, and try to find something egregious enough that even comes close to the type of garbage and outright fraud you see on Roger’s site. I’m sorry if I don’t call Bitcoin Cash ‘Bcash’, or hate it with a fiery passion (I used too), or I don’t have exactly the same set of opinions as you. But that doesn’t mean you can attempt to pressure me into handing over the domain to some random group (of strangers no less!).”

“ is an amazing site, and it has consistently advocated for and defended Bitcoin against horrible attacks,” Cøbra concluded.

Cøbra: not so fast.

Accordingly, the issue can be debated at length, but with no mechanism to force Cøbra to act other than public pressure,’s ownership seems poised to stay put for the foreseeable future.

Not Exactly Cozying Up to BCH

The issue at hand was raised out of fears that Cøbra would shift their domain to a BCH-centric website. But Cøbra, though increasingly vocal about BCH as of late, hasn’t written anyone a blank check on either side of the scaling debates.

That reality was evidenced this week, after Cøbra proposed forking the fork as a result of the “direction the developers are taking it.”

It seems that making waves is just Cøbra’s modus operandi. Back in March 2018, they stirred up debate in the cryptoverse in alleging that Halong Mining was a scam — the miners have since proven to be quite real, however.

What’s your take? Do you think should stay put or be transferred to a non-profit? Let us know in the comments below. 

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