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Watch ‘Bitcoin: Shape the Future’ Documentary Online and in Full

Watch ‘Bitcoin: Shape the Future’ Documentary Online and in Full

“Bitcoin: Shape the Future” — the Chinese Bitcoin documentary that ended up part of the story itself — has premiered in Hong Kong. It’s now available for everyone to view online.

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The film opens with a speech that’s either ominous or inspirational, depending on your point of view. But it sums up Bitcoin pretty well:

“As the old cliche goes, history is made by the people. But I believe many people have already realized that, at the turning points of our history, it was the minority elites who played the crucial role.”

As a book says, the world will have three main compositions in the future, which are: ‘super-technology’, ‘superman’, and the ‘useless mass’. It sounds terrifying at first. But on second thought… it might be true.”

Producers BitKan never expected their film about Bitcoin’s history in China would land at such a pivotal time.

After a few years of relative calm, the country’s central bank recently launched another campaign to cool the cryptocurrency investment market. The documentary premiere moved from Beijing to Hong Kong.

Watch ‘Bitcoin: Shape the Future’

The documentary is viewable in full on YouTube:

The sections on Bitcoin history and philosophy will sound familiar to seasoned Bitcoiners, But most are probably unaware of China’s massive role — both the technologists and ordinary speculators.

“I think (Bitcoin) is the rebirth of some traditional ancient ideas,” says Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu in the film.

“Chinese are very hard working and that is an advantage.”

Bitcoin Shape the Future

China’s Bitcoin Mysteries

Prominent in the film is talk of “Friedcat”, a pioneer in ASIC Bitcoin miners — who vanished without a trace in 2015. It’s China’s answer to the Satoshi Nakamoto and Mt. Gox mysteries.

Bitcoin might also have benefited from perfect timing. It arrived in the wake of the global financial crisis, and public outrage over the taxpayer bailouts that “rescued” the major banks from collapse.

Capitalizing on China’s quest for new wealth and the country’s massive advantage in semiconductor and component manufacturing, locals turned Bitcoin into a booming industry.

The documentary speaks to some of that industry’s biggest players, to hear how they first heard about Bitcoin and why they decided to take the (often risky) leap into making it their career.

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