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Bitcoin: It’s Not About Money – It’s About Unlocking Our Own Potential

Bitcoin: It’s Not About Money – It’s About Unlocking Our Own Potential

Over the last few years, movie cinemas and television sets have been flooded with stories taking place in the 80s. Stephen King’s It stands as the highest grossing horror flick in history, while programs ranging from Stranger Things on Netflix to The Goldbergs on ABC have discovered legions of fans.

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Things Are Not So Different

30 years later, we’re looking back on the 80s as a good time — one of near purity and innocence, when citizens could enjoy the relative peace that now surrounded them following hard or explosive times.

bitcoin pricePrior to the days of Atari and sci-fi revolutions, Americans endured the 1970s, where political scandals, the Vietnam War, serial killings and poverty seemed to run rampant. People were eager for some long overdue rest in the coming years, and the 80s seemed to deliver.

Ironically, things aren’t that far off today. We’ve recently witnessed the end of a long, eight-year war in Iraq that’s claimed many lives. We’re taking our final exits from a harsh recession, and the misery that plagued so many of us nine years ago seems to finally be dissipating. Our economy is recuperating, and finding a job no longer feels like an impossible goal.

Money Makes the World Go Round

But there’s another big similarity at hand. After the harsh realities of the 70s came to an end, people seemed to find solace in the financial opportunities the 80s brought about, and the stock market garnered newfound interest among potential stockholders and the public. The thought of earning money relatively effortlessly through corporate stocks funds became a common goal for many.

In the end, Wall Street became much more than an Oliver Stone picture. It was a way of life.

Today, there’s a new financial entity stepping onto the field: Bitcoin. In many ways, bitcoin operates like a stock. You purchase it for a certain amount, all the while hoping the value increases over time and you strike it big.

bitcoin price

It may go up, it may go down. There’s always a risk, but the joy of potential earnings has caused many to keep coming back for more, and as bitcoins make their way into users’ wallets, the price continues to explode.

As we’ve mentioned before, need leads to growth, and just as increased stock purchases led to Wall Street booms in the 80s, similar occurrences are being witnessed with bitcoin. After nearly a decade of hard times and negative realities, many have found peace and tranquility in the newest investment opportunities — just as they were 30 years ago.

It’s What Bitcoin Represents That’s Important

But where the true similarity lies is in the potential each entity represents. One thing many of us can’t stand about “regular jobs” is how hard it can be to advance in rank and income. One works hard and tries their best, but it can take many years to earn that promotion or a valid raise.

There’s a standard routine with all of them, too. one goes in, does the work, and walks out with the same paycheck every week. It may be stable, but there’s not much excitement or mental payoff. And in the end, a job (or making money for that matter) is never truly about becoming rich, but about defeating challenge and building oneself into the person one wants to be.

With bitcoin, one could invest $100 today and wake up the next morning with $1,000 in their wallet. Because of that possibility, our attraction never ceases. There is more opportunity with bitcoin now than ever before, and while the financial market may have changed in the last 30 years, the feelings we have towards investment opportunities haven’t. Many of us still strive to reach the next rungs of the ladder.

Maybe bitcoin isn’t so much about earning money, but rather proving we can break past the barriers set before us to hit certain goals, and ultimately become stronger, better people.

Asking Ourselves All the Important Questions

So, perhaps the goal of It and Stranger Things isn’t to make us look back and think of the 80s as a perfect time, but to show that no matter how much time passes, our sense of wonderment and curiosity about what could be rather than what is has never left us.

Things like bitcoin represent what we could have, and for many of us, that’s a very enticing thought. We’re always asking ourselves things like: How far could we go if there’s no one around to suppress us? What could happen if we were truly independent? What distance could we reach if we explored our true potential?

To a degree, things like bitcoin and stocks also cause us to ask these questions. How much could we really make? How big could our investments become? Things like bitcoin represent our personal desires and spirit for growth, and it does away with the limits of what one can truly explore.

It doesn’t matter that bitcoin bears volatility or a wobbly past. Many continue to return because they appreciate the financial freedom and potential it signifies. There is always the possibility for more, always room for expansion, and there is always a chance for things to get bigger.

It’s exciting, and it helps us realize the power we’ve always had, but were just afraid to use.

What does bitcoin represent for you? Post your comments below!

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