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Bitcoin News Launches With 1 Million Page Views Per Month

As cryptocurrency has become more mainstream over the years, an increasing number of portals have popped into existence in order to satisfy a growing curiosity regarding the nascent technology. This has led to many specialized news sites springing up for the sole purpose of covering blockchain and bitcoin-based stories.

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From giants like Coindesk to relatively smaller players like CCN, they all serve a single purpose, to provide investors and crypto-enthusiasts alike a streamlined means of obtaining crypto-specific news.

Bitcoin News Takes on the Established Crypto News Industry

One such site, BitcoinNews, is announcing the launch of its platform that aims to add its own skill-set and differentiating qualities to the crypto news industry. This way, it hopes to improve upon the current situation — potentially offering solutions that might have evaded established media outlets.

Such differentiating qualities includes putting an emphasis on “fact-based reporting that is fair, transparent, and sensible.” wants to ensure an accurate reporting of the news through a rigorous review process that separates the wheat from the chaff, so-to-speak.

The site will focus on publishing daily stories that are written and curated by journalists — a simple reporting of blockchain and crypto news as it happens. Also, it hopes to eventually produce more investigative work in addition to its simple reports.

Furthermore, will be backed by independent media and cryptocurrency veterans — freeing it from corrupting influences and allowing it to report “fair and neutral” news. The site is grounded by the belief that crypto journalism should be a public service to its readers and not a means to advance a certain narrative.

Bitcoin News Looks to Bring ‘Objective News’ to the Public

The portal wants, to the best of its ability, bring what it considers objective news reporting to the cryptocurrency news space. To, this means offering clarity to events and opinions that their audience deems important. It also means doing this while understanding the innumerable ways news can change and how it can be interpreted.

Bitcoin News has a simple objective: to bring awareness to the general public on the latest media reports, policy changes, events and technological advancements within the nascent cryptocurrency industry.

In this pursuit, it seems that has already made a sizable impression as it is already reporting 1 million page views per month. This is an incredible feat and makes it an immediate contender within the crypto news space.

About Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News looks to meet the growing demand for objective news reporting among the many cryptocurrency communities that continue to expand as the industry gains recognition and prominence.

In addition, it also provides reader with market capitalization information via its market cap page for cryptocurrency and market capitalization. The pages gives users the ability to track the performance of over 1,400 coins — from the big players like Ethereum and Bitcoin to emerging projects like UTRUST.

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