Thursday, February 2, 2023 ‘Denounces’ Popular Companies in New Fork War ‘Denounces’ Popular Companies in New Fork War

The new Bitcoin fork war over SegWit2x (S2X) is getting hotter. Information site has now promised to “denounce” the plan by shaming companies who support it and warning visitors these services “actually put user deposits at risk”.

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Needless to say, those on the list are disputing the risk claim, and have either protested or mocked’s action. has demanded that Bitcoin industry companies clarify their position on S2X publicly and in writing before 11th October to avoid being listed. It has published 50 company names it believes support SegWit2x, and asked them to comment on its GitHub page.

Included are several of Bitcoin’s oldest and best-known brands, such as: Coinbase, Blockchain,, Bitmain, Bitfury, BitPay, BTCC, Korbit, Purse, ShapeShift, and Xapo.

In response, some unlisted companies actually requested they be added: List Response

Roger Ver, owner of, also wrote: List Response

What’s S2X? Didn’t Bitcoin Hard-Fork Already?

Bitcoin Core (the most popular protocol software in use) began to implement SegWit transactions in August 2017. In response, Bitcoin hard-forked to a separate blockchain with no SegWit and larger transaction blocks — now known as Bitcoin Cash.

Fork in spaghettiHowever, in keeping with the “New York Agreement” signed by large players in May 2017, SegWit would be followed by a hard-fork to allow transaction blocks double the previous size. That’s the “2x” part of SegWit2x. Arguably more unpredictable than the August fork, it’s due to happen around 18th November, or Bitcoin block 494784., like the Bitcoin Core team, opposes any “contentious” hard fork. The site clarified “support” for S2X also means any service listing a S2X blockchain as “BTC”, whether it’s the longest chain or not. As noted above, Roger Ver has promised to do just that.

There’s already some confusion over Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, which use different names and ticker symbols. The S2X fork could create more mayhem if both subsequent blockchains lay sole claim to be “Bitcoin” and “BTC”. argues this is dangerous to hodlers and users.

Bitcoin’s Battle of the Portal Sites

Newcomers might need some clarification over site names: was the original Bitcoin information portal. Satoshi Nakamoto registered the domain in August 2008, later handing admin powers to “Theymos” (a.k.a. Michael Marquardt). Theymos also administrates the BitcoinTalk forum and Reddit’s r/Bitcoin sub.

The newer (and Reddit’s r/BTC) belong to Roger Ver, who has clashed with Theymos over the years over claimed censorship and Bitcoin’s technical roadmap. To simplify, Theymos’ online properties tend to favor small-block Bitcoin, Bitcoin Core and Blockstream. Ver’s sites tend to support large-block Bitcoin protocols, Bitcoin Cash, and now S2X. has a worldwide Alexa ranking of 5,186. Ver’s site is the slightly more popular one at 4,029.

Newcomers to Bitcoin are more likely to land on one of those two sites than any subreddit or forum, meaning the opinions they give prominence could be more influential.

Will this “shame” list have any effect? What’s your prediction for S2x? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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