Friday, February 3, 2023

Keep Hope: Bitcoin Price Could Make a Big Comeback Soon

Keep Hope: Bitcoin Price Could Make a Big Comeback Soon

With the psychological storm brewing, it looks like the bitcoin price will break down to $5,000 before a reversal pattern emerges. While this seems bleak, keep in mind: just a few weeks ago we thought the price would drop all the way to $3,500.

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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis

Long-Term Analysis

Bitcoin price technical analysis

Bitcoin could anticipate a strong reaction at any price below $5,000 and break the descending resistance, crossing to the upside at a lower level like $6,000.

Theoretical Mass Psychology Analysis reflects an ongoing panic phase, and anticipates the next two stages:

Capitulation, when the majority break and give up, trying to get out from their positions;

Anger, when people try to find a consensus response for general consolation.

The increasing volatility could exit the values from this psychological crisis and start a huge reversal from any price below $5,000.

Mid-Term Analysis

Bitcoin price technical analysis

A bearish channel continues dominating the ongoing trend, the objective of which bottoms out around $3,500.

However, this situation is subject to change, and according to Elliot Wave Theory prices seem able to bounce up and down in an ABC zig-zag pattern between $5,000 and $3,500. From there, a brief lateral market would emerge, helping kickstart a reversal rally to $14,000.

If this scenario confirms, Mass Psychology´s next phases would active and support a huge upward movement far beyond historical highs.

Short-Term Analysis

Bitcoin price technical analysis

Mathematical indicators reflect a downward movement in process, without reversal signals at sight.

News, opinions, rumors and political data are confused, and bullish consensus remains low. All prices below the 3rd wave low at $5,700 are good enough to anchor the 5th wave from Elliott´s theory and to end the bearish cycle.


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